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Vision, Mission & Interests

Sustained, Viable All Volunteer Force

Support the successful reintegration of veterans and the military family by:

  • Facilitating inter-service and inter-agency coordination
  • Fostering community solutions through effective public-private partnerships
  • Furthering civilian-military understanding


  • Federal Level
    • Open lines of communication across the services
    • Facilitate effective inter-agency collaboration with specific focus on reintegration
  • State & Community Level
    • Emphasize state support for reintegration
    • Foster community-level collaborative efforts
    • Increase private organization attention to employment, training and education assistance
    • Champion the potential resident in Veterans
  • The American Public
    • Inform the American public about the military
    • Promote the business case for Veteran employees
    • Encourage an enduring commitment to sustain the All-Volunteer force
White Papers
"Enabling Collaborative Support to Reintegrate the Military Family" addresses four areas vital to successful reintegration of veterans and their families: bringing key stakeholders into a collaborative network; finding veterans in order to deliver support and services; efforts to ease employment challenges faced by veterans; and reducing obstacles to improve educational outcomes for veterans.

"Veteran Stereotypes: A Closer Look" openly discusses some of the more common stereotypes that stigmatize veterans, to spark a more informed national dialogue between veterans and civilians so that we can better understand each other.

"After the Sea of Goodwill: A Collective Approach to Veteran Reintegration" communicates the need for a national structure -- characterized by functional cooperation, cross sector collaboration, and an integrated network -- to establish a no-wrong-door capacity that allows our country to effectively reintegrate our veterans and their families.

"Expanding Public-Private Partnerships" highlights successful examples of partnerships, challenges to public-private partnerships, and a way ahead in supporting our Military Family.

"Our Military Family" describes its challenges and potential, and articulates ways to keep faith in the achievement of the chairman's key effort.

"Sea of Goodwill: Matching the Donor to the Need" describes a re-integration trinity of education, employment and health care which serve to improve the quality of life for service members and their families.

"Sustaining the Groundswell of Support: Transitioning from Concept to Application" discusses ideas and tasks that will have a meaningful impact on building public awareness, encouraging community involvement, and promoting community services for veterans, their families, and the families of our fallen.

"A Call to Action: Sustaining the Groundswell of Support" provides recommendations intended to act as a catalyst for State and Local government, and are provided with the premise that needs and opportunities exist on a continuum.

Innovative Examples: Provides organizations (not endorsed) that are making a difference and are models to look at.

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