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Joint Publications Intelligence Series

Effective 1JAN19 per Director Joint Force Development: Joint Doctrine constitutes official advice, however, the judgment of the commander is paramount in all situations.  This description will be captured in joint doctrine policy and materials (e.g. joint publication prefaces) and implemented going forward.

JP 2-0, Joint Intelligence, 22 October 2013
This publication is the keystone document of the joint intelligence series. It provides fundamental principles and guidance for intelligence support to joint operations.

JP 2-01, Joint and National Intelligence Support to Military Operations, 05 July 2017
This publication provides doctrine for joint and national intelligence products, services, assessments, and support to joint military operations.

JP 2-03, Geospatial Intelligence in Joint Operations, 05 July 2017 - epub
This publication provides doctrine for conducting geospatial intelligence (GEOINT) across the range of military operations. It describes GEOINT organizations, roles, responsibilities, and operational processes that support the planning and execution of joint operations.