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Joint Publications Reference Series

CJCSI 5120.02D, Joint Doctrine Development System, 05 January 2015
This instruction establishes joint doctrine development policy to assist the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff in implementing his responsibility to develop doctrine for the joint employment of the Armed Forces.

CJCSI 5705.01D, Standardization of Military and Associated Terminology, 10 November 2010
This instruction establishes policy for the standardization of Department of Defense and multinational terminology.

CJCSM 5120.01A, Joint Doctrine Development Process, 29 December 2014
This manual sets forth procedures for joint doctrine development in support of the CJCS responsibility for developing doctrine for the joint employment of the Armed Forces.

DOD Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms, as of November 2018
This publication supplements standard English-language dictionaries and standardizes military and associated terminology to improve communication and mutual understanding within DOD with other US Government departments and agencies and among the United States and its allies.