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J7 Joint Force Development

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J7 Directorate for Joint Force Development

The Joint Staff J-7, in support of the Chairman, trains, educates, develops, designs and adapts the globally integrated, partnered, Joint Force to achieve overmatch in the continuum of conflict under conditions of accelerating change in the character of war.

About J7
The J7 supports the Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff (CJCS) and the joint warfighter through joint force development (JFD) in order to advance the operational effectiveness of the current and future joint force. J-7 performs its duties across the spectrum of joint force development by focusing on the following core functions:

Joint Training & Exercising
Provide integrated individual, staff and collective joint training for Combatant Commands, designated Joint and Combined Force Headquarters, and Coalition Partners.

Joint Education
Develop policies governing officer and enlisted Joint Professional Military Education (JPME), and the National Defense University. Direct JPME educational advisory group and lead the joint accreditation of JPME programs.

Joint Doctrine
Manage CJCS joint doctrine development process and DOD terminology program.

Joint Lessons Learned
Identify and make joint strategic and operational lessons and best practices available to the joint force and partners. Analyze the effectiveness of lessons learned over time.

Joint Concepts
Develop a comprehensive view of the future operating environment. Identify and develop future concepts that address emerging and future joint operational challenges and required capabilities.

Allies and Partners Force Development
Provides direct collaboration and integration throughout the spectrum of joint force development and design in order to allow the Joint Staff, its Allies and partners invest in required initiatives to ensure continued, interoperable and seamless operations together to meet objectives in the National Military Strategy.

Combined Joint/NATO Warfare Development: Provide JS positions on NATO warfare development to support CJCS NATO engagements and lead the planning, design, and execution of VCJCS events with NATO Supreme Allied Commander Transformation (SACT). Connect the priorities of their engagements with J-7 priorities in joint force development and design and facilitate the necessary leadership and staff interaction with ACT to create combined Joint/NATO warfare development effects that result in complementary threat-informed, concept-driven capability development. 

J7 Leadership
Lt. Gen. Dagvin R.M. Anderson, Director for Joint Force Development, J7 (Pentagon) | Biography
Maj. Gen. Patrick L. Gaydon, Vice Director for Joint Force Development, J7 (Pentagon) | Biography
Matthew Shannon Stumpf, Vice Director for Joint Force Development-Integration, J7 (Pentagon) | Biography 
Joint Doctrine, Education, & Training Electronic Information System (JDEIS)
Joint Lessons Learned Information System

Lt. Gen. Dagvin R.M. Anderson
Director for Joint Force Development, J7
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