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Joint Knowledge Online is the Online Learning Program of the Joint Staff J-7.


Our Mission

Develop, deliver, track, report, and support online distributed learning to enhance individual and staff proficiency in joint operations and improve operational readiness of the joint enterprise. 

Our Vision

A world-class capability supporting DOD joint training and education requirements with 24/7, globally accessible, cost-effective, state-of-the-art distributed learning methods and technologies.

Our Priorities

The People We Serve • Bringing the Best Team Effort • The Strategic Effect of Our Products and Services • Assuring Good Stewardship of Resources • Advancing Learning Proficiency • Advancing the Value of Distributed Learning Tools and Content to DOD Enterprise • Continuous Improvement • Respect, Integrity, Diversity.

Our Goals 

Provide Global, Distributed Access to Joint Training and Education Content. • Enable Joint Individual and Staff Training and Education for the DOD to include the CCMDs, Services, and Coalition Partners. • Provide Leadership in Advanced Technologies for Distributed Learning.

Why Use JKO


Global, Distributed Access to Joint Training Content


JKO primary mission is to provide the joint force with access to world-class joint training and education. This includes ensuring our partners get the right content, in the right format, delivered in the right way, whether that be through self-paced courses available on demand or hybrid instruction via the VCLASS virtual classroom environment.


Total Life Cycle Support


From Instructional designers that can help identify how to best teach the concepts required, to the 24/7 help desk that can provided students support once the course is live, JKO provides total life-cycle support for the training and education process.


Content Hosting & Metrics


In additional to developing content, JKO can provide hosting for pre-existing training and educational courses on the JKO LMS with access to tools like end of course surveys and Report Builder to track usage metrics and feedback.


Continual Improvement


JKO is continually increasing our offerings to provide cost-effective training and education enablers that support the sharing and reuse of training content, and the shift to more frequent, lower-cost, smaller facilitated events with training tools that support responsive, just-in-time training opportunities and enable perpetual refresh training.

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