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Joint Staff Cyber and C2 Operational Development Division (C3OD2)

About Us 

Cyber and C2 Operational Development Division (C3OD2) enables the execution of Joint Staff, J6. Deputy Director-South mission and routine operations by facilitating cross-division project execution, providing, and integrating networks, Command and Control systems and laboratory facilities, delivering cyberspace operations expertise and coordinating administration requirements; promotes existing and emerging Command, Control, Communications and Computer/Cyber (C4/Cyber) capabilities assessments in a persistent environment to achieve interoperable and integrated solutions that satisfy joint and coalition operational requirements.

Unique Capabilities

C3OD2 offers a persistent environment with dedicated labs for integration, coalition interoperability, and cyber designed to support cyber testing, assessments, experimentation, and joint cyber force training .  The distributed lab environment leverages the capabilities and expertise of Service and partner labs across the globe to conduct the most dynamic C4ISR system assessments possible, including:

  • ​​Independently configurable lab spaces, including a SCIF
  • An extensive C4ISR system library
  • A dynamic, distributed network environment
  • New technology integration
  • Cyber tools and assessment capability

Sample of our work​ 

In response to Joint Staff J6 tasking in 2020, C3OD2 provided a persistent Combined Joint All Domain Command and Control (CJAC2) Joint Demonstration Environment (JDE) to support experimentation, demonstrations, and assessments. C3OD2 partnered with OSD (R&E) Test Resource Management Center (TRMC) to leverage the Joint Mission Environment Test Capability (JMETC) Secret Network (JSN). The JSN operates on the Secret Defense Research & Engineering Network (SDREN) and can integrate with DoD SIPRNet.  Efforts are underway to integrate JSN with the Joint Training & Experimentation Network (JTEN) and the Combined Federated Battle.