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Joint Force leader Development (EJPME)


Instructions to register for EJPME certificate courses


The SEJPME has been renamed the Joint Force Leader Development (JFLD) branch to indicate JKO’s broadening of the branch effort to a wider student audience.

The JFLD branch serves to increase the readiness and capability of company grade/junior officers, Joint civilians, and enlisted personnel. It encompasses the EJPME program as well as the evolving Joint Staff Training and Education Program (JSTEP) for joint assigned civilians and military officers (O1-O3).  The program provides CJCS-sponsored, assignment-oriented educational opportunities for enlisted leaders serving in or designated to serve within the Joint, Interagency, Intergovernmental, and Multinational (JIIM) environment.

The EJPME program primarily consists of two separate certificate courses that have been evaluated by the American Council on Education (ACE) and recommended for three baccalaureate credits in strategic management.

JKO does not currently interface with either ACE’s digital transcript service or Credly badging. Students who have successfully completed EJPME I or EJPME II after October 2020 should attempt to direct their institutions of higher learning to the American Council on Education (ACE) National Guide to view the ACE credit recommendation of 3 lower-division credits in Strategic Management for each course. The EJPME listing in the ACE National Guide, coupled with their EJPME completion certificate, should be sufficient for colleges and universities to consider awarding course credit.

Before registering for EJPME:

  1. Ensure your student profile is up-to-date, especially your rank/pay grade.
  2. Complete the EJPME new student orientation.


JFLD is more than online courses

Login to Joint Knowledge Online The JFLD Digital Learning Resource Center community of interest page inside JKO is the newest addition and goes to the heart to the JFLD program.  As a central learning navigation point for the next generation of joint warfighters, the Digital Learning Resource Center is a free gateway to joint doctrine, joint publications, audio books, and other references for those who want more information.

To visit, log in to JKO, click the community tab and search JFDL Digital Learning Resource Center. For more information on accessing communities, click "communities" on page 2 of the student user guide.

EJPME Distinguished Alumni Spotlight

SEJPME Distinguished Alumni Spotlight

"SEJPME provided knowledge and exposure to the Joint Operational Environment. The course was instrumental in my preparation to attend the Joint Combined Warfighting School. SEJPME provided the wave-top what to expect, how to understand the basics, and, most importantly, where to find the information when I needed it."


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EJPME Student Alumni Spotlight

EJPME student alumni story


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