Joint Education

The Joint Education Branch is responsible for policy, programs, quality management and analysis of military education matters prescribed as CJCS responsibilities or implemented by CJCS Directive, with particular emphasis on Joint Professional Military Educating (JPME).

Officer Joint Professional Military Education Program (Officer JPME)
OPMEP defines CJCS objectives and policies regarding the educational institutions that comprise the officer PME and JPME systems. The OPMEP also identifies the fundamental responsibilities of the major military educational participants in achieving those objectives.

CJCSI 1801.01E, National Defense University Policy, 20 December 2019

JPME Chairman's Special Areas of Emphasis (SAE) for Academic Years 20 and 21
CJCSI 1800.01E, Officer Professional Military Education Policy (OPMEP), 29 May 2015
CJCSI 1800.01E, Change 1 to CJCSI 1800.01E 29 May 2015, 30 June 2016.
CJCS Vision for Joint Officer Development
Joint Professional Military Education Phase 1 (JPME 1) Equivalency List July 2018

Enlisted Joint Professional Military Education Program (Enlisted JPME)
This policy defines CJCS objectives and policies regarding the educational and training institutions that comprise the EPME and EJPME programs.
CJCSI 1805.01B Enlisted Professional Military Education Policy (EPMEP), May 2015
JPME Prospective Research Topics Database (PRTD)
The JPME PRTD provides prospective research topics for students attending advanced military study programs and intermediate and senior service schools. The Joint Staff, J-7 solicits research topics from Combatant Commands, Supporting Commands, the Services, the Joint Staff, and Service Centers for Lessons Learned annually.
The Armed Forces Officer