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CJCS Guides
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Doc Number Title Pub Date Current as of Info
CJCS GDE 3130  Joint Planning and Execution Overview and Policy Framework 4/12/2023
CJCS GDE 3401D CJCS Guide to the Chairman's Readiness System 11/15/2010 11/25/13 The Chairman’s Readiness System (CRS) provides a common framework for conducting commanders’ readiness assessments, blending unit-level readiness indicators with combatant command (COCOM), Service, and Combat Support Agency (CSA) (collectively known as the C/S/As) subjective assessments of their ability to execute the National Military Strategy (NMS).
CJCS GDE 3501  The Joint Training System - A Guide for Senior Leaders 5/5/2015 This guide provides an overview of Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (CJCS) intent for the use of the Joint Training System (JTS) and highlights the role of senior leadership in the planning, execution, and assessment of joint training.
CJCS GDE 5260  A Self-Help Guide to Antiterrorism 6/10/2013 12/15/2021 This guide is designed to assist in making you and your family less vulnerable to terrorists. It is important that you ensure all members of your family are made aware of this valuable information so they not only protect themselves, but also become an integral part of the overall community antiterrorism effort. Constant awareness will help protect all members of the military family from acts of terrorism.
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