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Directorate of Management

The Directorate of Management provides assistance to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Joint Staff through management, planning and direction of support activities including correspondence administration, budget and finance, action management and archiving, information technology, services, resources and all aspects of staff and information security.

About DOM

With more than 200 members organized into four offices, DOM is one of the largest Joint Staff directorates.

The four subdivisions provide essential support services which bind numbered Joint Staff directorates into an effective, coordinated team. Subdivisions include the Joint Staff Comptroller, Joint Secretariat, Joint Staff Support Services Office, and Joint Staff Security Office.

The comptroller manages allocated Joint Staff financial resources, financial resources provided by other agencies for Joint Staff use and Joint Staff input to the Planning, Programming and Budgeting System. The comptroller also oversees the Internal Management Control and Quality Management programs.

The Joint Secretariat establishes information management requirements and manages the corporate Joint Staff decision process to include developing action processing policy and procedures and related administrative systems.

The Joint Staff Support Services Office (JSSSO) provides administrative and logistical support and services, including graphic arts, photography, reproduction, printing, forms and publications management, facilities management, travel, transportation support, document distribution and mail services. The support services staff also provides supply support, office equipment maintenance, telephone service, parking permit control, and DTS.

The Joint Staff Security Office develops and implements personnel and physical security policies and procedures. The office is responsible for the joint staff force protection program, operates one of eight DoD central adjudicative facilities and provides direct security support and services for the joint staff.

DOM Leadership

Mr. Ronald P. Higham, Jr., Director of Management | Biography 

Ronald P. Higham, Jr.
Director of Management