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To provide the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff consistently outstanding manpower and personnel advice support, thus ensuring maximum readiness and sustainability of the total force.

The Manpower and Personnel Directorate's to support the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff are to:

  • Improve communication, understanding and cooperation between the J1 and our customers.
  • Enhance total force readiness by identifying, analyzing and acting on manpower and personnel issues through the Joint Warfighitng Capabilities Assessment (JWCA)/Joint Monthly Readiness Review (JMRR) process.
  • Optimize the Joint Staff organization to support the COCOM/CCs and the JCS.
  • Obtain highly qualified people for the Joint Staff.
  • Provide highly qualified manpower and personnel support to the staff and other agencies.

J1 Leadership
Brig. Gen. Margaret W. Burcham, Director of Manpower And Personnel, J1 [Biography]

Rear Admiral Paul Becker
Brig. Gen.
Margaret Burcham
Director of Manpower And Personnel, J1
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