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Chairman’s Leadership Library: June 2024

Published 11 Jun 2024



Joint Teammates,


Honing our warfighting skill rests on our continued development as learning leaders. I invest time and effort to sharpen my thinking and exposure to a range of topics, authors, and media. In the second iteration of the Chairman’s Leadership Library, I selected a few titles that can contribute to enriching and expanding our perspective.






21st Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff


The Department of Defense recently published the National Defense Industrial Strategy - a strategic vision to build a modern defense industrial ecosystem. Freedom’s Forge offers insights from American war production during World War II. These insights can help us think about roles, responsibilities, and collaboration between government and industry, the impact of global supply chains, finance, and workforces, and how to manage tension among free market and national security interests and principles.

Effective leaders foster trust ... the foundation of our profession. The podcast Building Trust and Connection: How to lead with Vulnerability offers an informative dialogue about "vulnerable leaders as a model to open avenues for collaboration and productivity.

Japan is a critical ally that is adapting to dynamic geopolitical-military conditions. Japan’s Ambitious Plans and Lesson’s Learned from Ukraine presents an overview of Japan's strategic posture, Self Defense Forces strategy and capabilities, and the future of Japan's defense. The discussion also describes the impact of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on Japan's thinking and plans for force development and design. 

Ukraine’s Victory at Sea: How Kyiv Subdued the Russian Fleet – and What It Will Need to Build on Naval Success illustrates how Ukrainian maritime efforts have thwarted a superior Russian fleet. The article describes how Ukraine has integrated innovation with its current force, but also makes recommendations about partner support and affordable Ukrainian capability development to maintain maritime access and ease economic pressure from Russian coercion. 


The appearance of material on this list in no way implies official endorsement or support for any particular author or speaker or for their views.  This list is intended to be a sampling of ideas and viewpoints for professional development and to stimulate thought and discourse.

Freedom's Forge by Arthur Herman
Ukraine's Victory at Sea: How Kyiv Subdued the Russian Fleet - and What it Will Need to Build on Naval Success
Japan's Ambitious Plans and Lesson's Learned from Ukraine
Building Trust and Connection: How to Lead with Vulnerability