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J6 Command, Control, Comm. & Computers/Cyber


The Cyber, Command, Control, Communications, and Computers Assessments Division (C5AD) is the interoperability assessment and integration arm within the Joint Staff, J6. C5AD conducts assessments of existing and emerging Cyber and C4 capabilities in a persistent environment to achieve interoperable and integrated solutions that satisfy joint, interagency and mission partner operational requirements.

Interoperability is a continuing and complex challenge. Issues abound between functions such as Command and Control (C2) and Intelligence, Surveillance, and Reconnaissance (ISR). Interoperability challenges exist across tactical, operational, and strategic C2 levels and between the Services, within coalitions, and range from direct military action to humanitarian assistance missions. Cyber security must be addressed to ensure the validity of any interoperability solution provided to the warfighter today.

Unique Capabilities

C5AD offers a persistent environment with dedicated labs for integration, coalition interoperability, and cyber designed to replicate a Joint Task Force/Combined Joint Task Force Headquarters. The distributed lab environment leverages the capabilities and expertise of Service and partner labs across the globe to conduct the most dynamic C4ISR system assessments possible, including:

  • Independently configurable lab spaces, including a SCIF
  • An extensive C4ISR system library
  • A dynamic, distributed network environment
  • An established, defendable assessment methodology
  • New technology integration and assessment
  • Cyber tools and assessment capability


Supporting the Mission and the Warfighter 

C5AD teams its own uniformed warfighters, government civilians, and contractors with operational commands, the Services, agencies, and  program managers to develop integrated solutions to close capability gaps, meet operational requirements, and identify, isolate and resolve interoperability problems. These interdisciplinary, multi-organizational, and often international teams also identify non-material impediments to effective operations such as policy, organizational, and procedural deficiencies.

Operating in cyberspace is pervasive across DoD, the whole of government, and in our daily lives. C5AD partners with cyber warriors, testers, and trainers to assess cyber operations and effects on missions, organizations, and systems, to reduce our vulnerabilities, and to maximize the return on every dollar spent.

To make these gains possible, C5AD maintains a persistent environment with nine independently configurable lab spaces and an extensive library of C4 systems. With integrated capabilities and globally connected networks supporting mission-based assessments, C5AD can measure system and system-of-systems performance within an operationally realistic environment.

Cyberspace and C4 are evolving rapidly and as more advanced and effective warfighting capabilities are fielded and deployed, C5AD stands ready to help Combatant Commanders, Services, and Agencies solve emergent interoperability and integration challenges.


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