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JKO releases its latest build, version 9.8.1

JKO releases its latest build, version 9.8.1. The latest version release incorporates new Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) rules and functionality to replace the For Official Use Only (FOUO) designation and corresponding access rules in accordance with new CUI standards. Each Course and Curriculum must now be given one of four CUI Dissemination Controls. Associated business rules govern appropriate access based on Citizenship or DOD ID number (EDIPI). The new CUI rules also apply to Curriculum access.

Additional items in the 9.8.1 version release respond to user feedback from Students and Training Coordinator to simplify its use. We added “Space Force” to all Branch of Service pick lists in the LMS in order that Profiles can accurately reflect this association, and we also added the ability to capture Sponsor contact information for accounts requiring a Sponsor to facilitate administration of these particular accounts.

Finally, we renamed the SGST tab to Exercises. This name change reflects the expansion of content available to support the Joint force, to include JETS (JKO Exercise Training Support). The combatant command links in JETS map to a Learning Category in the Catalog which includes Exercise-specific courses to support that exercise.

A detailed description of all enhancements are provided in the brief.

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