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JKO Defense Health Agency (DHA) partnership

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One of JKO’s most valuable partnerships is the one we share with the Defense Health Agency (DHA). Established in 2013, DHA is a key part of the Military Health System (MHS). It oversees an integrated, highly reliable healthcare system and provides training to enable a medically ready and a ready medical force for the Services and Combatant Commands both in peacetime and wartime.

The medical readiness of our service members is a key priority for joint readiness and JKO is proud to assist DHA in its mission through a variety of our products and services. Since becoming the enterprise learning management system (LMS) for the MHS in 2015, DHA and the Service Medical Departments have leveraged more JKO products and services than any other organization we support. With hundreds of web-based and instructor-led course offerings, its own JKO help desk, integration of JKO data analytics in Report Builder, and support of the Medical Education and Training Campus (METC) academic mission, DHA leverages multiple JKO tools to provide the MHS with an expansive suite of digital learning environment resources.

DHA’s global workforce of almost 140,000 civilians, military, contract, and volunteer personnel are committed to improving healthcare delivery, achieving medical excellence, and ensuring military personnel are ready to perform combat operations and humanitarian missions at home and abroad through a broad range of activities. Here’s a little insight into what they do:

· Lead health care markets to manage military hospitals and clinics

· Provide combat support to Combatant Commands

· Deliver the TRICARE Health Plan to 9.6 million beneficiaries worldwide

· Deploy MHS GENESIS, the new electronic health record, to military hospitals and clinics

· Offer education and training to MHS providers to ensure a medically ready force

Over the next few months, we’ll be featuring short articles highlighting how our partner DHA makes use of the products and services JKO has to offer, such as:

· Annual certification training courses

· Joint Patient Movement Small Group Training Exercise

· Joint Medical Executive Skills Institute courses

· DHA’s use of the JKO Virtual Classroom capability

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