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Customer Spotlight — Joint Interoperability and Data Link Training Center (JID-TC)

 Warfighters in networked data link interoperability

The Joint Interoperability and Data Link Training Center (JID-TC) is responsible for all DoD Joint and Allied Multi-Tactical Data Link (TDL) Network (MTN) Interoperability training, Joint Interface Control Officer (JICO) training, US/Canadian Link 16 Operations de-confliction, the Joint Network Design Library (JNDL), and JICO Support Teams (JST) to the Combatant Commands.

JKO is proud to support this very important JID-TC mission to develop and train the warfighter in networked datalink interoperability concepts and procedures to meet Joint and Coalition Commanders’ enduring and emerging mission needs. In particular, JKO assists in setting up accounts for multinational partners that must have access to JID-TC courses hosted on JKO to participate in multinational exercises and operations.

The JID-TC teaches students to plan, establish, and manage the data link interfaces that connect and share a common picture within a joint task force (JTF) and/or functional component headquarters with multinational forces and other organizations. JID-TC courses also introduce students to the tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) on advances in networked warfare and emergent capabilities to achieve interdependence and operational effectiveness.

The training includes, but is not limited to,

  • Joint Interface Control Officer (JICO) prerequisite knowledge and skills for integration and interoperability of Tactical Data Links (TDL) within the multi-TDL network (MTN) to contribute to the Common Tactical Picture (CTP)
  • planning and management of tactical data through gateways or extended interfaces to support the Joint Data Network (JDN)

The JID-TC provides operational support to CCMDs, Services, Defense Agencies, and coalition partners on the employment, planning, and management of tactical data links. The JID-TC is a Joint Functional School that falls within the Joint Education and Doctrine Directorate of the J7, Joint Force Development of the Joint Staff.


Joint interoperability Training Process

The JKO  team supports the Joint Interoperability and Data Link Training Center at Fort Bragg in creating the JKO multinational accounts from several militaries to include the following countries: Latvia, Italy, Estonia and Saudi Arabia. JID-TC then enrolls multinational partners in the J3OP-US1380-AT Introduction to Joint Multi-TDL Network (MTN) Operations AT-101 (Link-16 Partner Nations Student Course) hosted on JKO. This is a particular version of the course that is free of CUI. The course introduces Link-16 Partner Nation Students to Joint Multi-Tactical Data Link Network operations. It provides basic knowledge level instruction for junior and inexperienced operators of MTN systems on the various joint services platforms. This course introduces new joint operators to basic system data link capabilities and limitations, as well as basic concepts, tactics, techniques, and procedures for operating a service data link capable of platform or system as part of a Multi-TDL Architecture (MTA). JKO supports this effort four to five times a year, creating over one hundred accounts each time.


“This is a great example of how the Joint Force  works with our Partner Nations to ensure global operations.” 



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