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The DHA, Medical Education and Training Center (METC), virtual classroom

By By Joint Knowledge Online | October 17, 2022

The following is the third in a series of articles highlighting a partner organization, the Defense Health Agency (DHA), and its use of JKO products and services to help meet its mission. Here we’ll examine the DHA, Medical Education and Training Center’s (METC) use of JKO’s Virtual Classroom tool, VCLASS.

VIDEO | 01:23 | Medical Education & Training Campus (METC): A Leader in Enlisted Military Medical Education

When an organization’s mission is to train the world’s finest medics, corpsmen, and technicians, it requires a robust training environment. The METC does just that, and VCLASS assists in this mission.


The METC, located on Fort Sam Houston in San Antonio, Texas, delivers over 48 military-medical academic programs and annually graduates 16,500 enlisted medical personnel. Students from the Army, Navy, Air Force and Coast Guard learn side-by-side at the world’s largest enlisted healthcare education campus. Within this most extensive consolidation of military training in the Department of Defense history, medical enlisted personnel experience work in a Joint environment. Consolidating curriculum, classrooms, instructors and students allows all services to learn from each other and adopt the highest standards.


Inside the JKO learning management system (LMS), VCLASS provides an interactive classroom environment for academic coursework, seminars, continuing education, and training. Its courses feature live streams, video-captured educational sessions, lessons, tests/quizzes, grades, a chat room, automated completion certificates and more.

JKO virtual classroom dashboard

The METC uses VCLASS to expand its training and networking of students. Networking now expands outside the classroom. Anyone can be admitted into a VCLASS, including leadership, those in the field, civilians, and current or past; onsite or remote; or self-paced or scheduled students.


Since 2019, the service-wide organization, the DHA, has used over 200 VCLASS classrooms with over thirty thousand students. The METC was the first DHA organization to use VCLASS as a part of its training delivery. 


For more information on ways your organization can use VCLASS to meet its mission’s needs, please get in touch with JKO Knowledge Services Branch Chief George (Matt) Matais at



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