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Tips from a Training Coordinator - Finding Accounts Using Report Builder

By Joint Knowledge Online | November 14, 2022
JKO Training Coordinator User Guide   (Related Fact Sheet)

One frustrating situation a training coordinator (TC) may deal with on occasion is not being able to view a student profile in the JKO LMS.

A TC can only access individuals in the same primary organization as the TC, or an individual not assigned to a primary org. (Unassigned). For example, suppose an individual’s profile shows them assigned to an organization other than the TC’s. In that case, the LMS will not allow the TC to access the account.

A JKO Training Coordinator can only view profiles within his or her organization or if the profile is unassigned.



However, a TC can use the Report Builder function which may locate a student's email. The TC can then ask the student to update their profile to include the TC's organization. After which the TC would have access to the student profile. 


How to search under System Administration for a student using the EDIPI or username (enter either, but not both)To search for a profile by EDIPI or username, select the System Administrative Tab

If neither a valid EDIPI or username found the account...

Remember, the account may be there but may not be accessible by the TC because the student's profile is assigned to a different organization than the one the TC is responsible for. 


A TC can attempt to contact the student via email to have them update their profile to include the TC's organization.  


How to use the Report Builder function to locate a student's email and primary organization

  • Select Standard Reports
  • Then Enrollment Search
  • Click Run Report

Using Report Builder, a TC may be able to locate the student profile.


  • When the Enrollment Search opens, select the User tab. 
  • Click Select
  • Enter either the EDIPI or username, but not both
  • Click Execute. Note: Searching with a first and last name may yield a multiple number of accounts that cannot be specifically identified. 



The TC can now see the student's primary organization and email. Attempt to contact the student and request they update their JKO profile to include the TC’s organization. This will make the student profile visible to the TC.


Report Builder may provide the student's email and primary organization.


Attempt to contact the student via email and request they update their profile to include the TC's organization. 

Resources for updating an individual's profile are available online

The online JKO Help Desk resources for updating a profile.

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