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JKO Launches Redesigned Public Website

By By Joint Knowledge Online | December 6, 2022

Have you seen our redesigned public website? 
We designed it for you.


Joint Knowledge Online (JKO) launched a public-facing website just one year ago to communicate with its nearly 4 million users. When asked about the site, users provided mission-critical feedback that led to a homepage redesign.

JKO's new homepage.


JKO, an online university-style learning platform for hosting and developing military and government individual and group training, is thrilled to announce the redesign of its homepage at The webpages, nestled within the larger Joint Chiefs of Staff (JCS) website, now feature minimalistic web design focused on straightforward navigation and fresh content. The more modern and simplified navigation draws the eye to essential services neatly organized by tools, about info, customer service, testimonials and more – all on the homepage.


“These tweaks keep JKO on top regarding internet relevance,” said Howard (Tank) Thorp, JKO division chief. “And gives our millions of users and trainers a reason to visit.”New online JKO help desk.

JKO has always provided insightful content in its newsletter and key points of wisdom within all its featured products and services fact sheets. Now, this content reaches readers as dynamic blog articles. These blogs give a reason to come back and visit as JKO releases updated information about the learning platform, Joint training insights, and student perspectives.


New JKO blog.



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