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12 Courses for the Curious Learner

By Joint Knowledge Online | December 12, 2022

Happy Holidays from JKO!

12 Days of Learning

A selection of courses for self-development.


In honor of the season, we are proud to share a selection of courses everyone can enjoy. Explore these 12 non-mandatory, super-interesting courses available to everyone on JKO! JKO is more than mandatory training, explore professional development, career enhancement, or just plain interesting trainings.  


JMESI –US009 - Conflict Management One: Principles

No one wants to experience workplace conflicts, but sometimes they do occur. Learn about the importance of conflict management, disruptive and constructive conflict consequences, the types of conflict areas, organizational approaches to managing conflict, and conflict management styles.


JMESI-US012 - Decision Making

We make decisions every day. How do we ensure we are making the best decisions possible? Learn how to identify and analyze problems, methods to generate and evaluate alternative solutions, and how to obtain a commitment for a decision and ensure it is implemented as planned.


JMESI-US015 - Effective Communication

Learn the communication model and barriers to effective communication:

  • definitions of open versus defensive communication
  • different communication situations
  • characteristics of 'I' messages
  • how to give constructive feedback

In addition, the lesson discusses active listening since communication is a two-way street.


JMESI-US064 Leadership: Time Management

How you manage your time is how you manage your life. This course offers lessons on time management principles, goal setting, and daily schedules, identifying and avoiding time wasters, and dealing with interruptions and distractions.


JMESI-US089 Personal and Professional Ethics

You will learn methods to resolve personal and professional conflict and ensure compliance with policies and guidelines to balance professional, organizational, and societal ethical concerns.

This ethics course reviews four basic principles:

  • respect for autonomy (self-determination)
  • nonmaleficence (avoidance of harm)
  • beneficence (providing benefits and balancing risks-benefits)
  • justice (equitably distributing benefits and resources)


JMESI-US094 Public Speaking

Does public speaking make you nervous? Learn how to:

  • prepare and organize a speech
  • analyze the needs of the audience
  • methods to effectively use voice, pace, gestures, movement, and visual aids (i.e., slide presentations)

This course also provides considerations for speaking to diverse audiences, approaches to evaluate your effectiveness as a speaker, and ways to overcome the fear of speaking.


JMESI US043– Individual Behavior Two: Critical Thinking and Learning

Media literacy and critical thinking are paramount in the era of fake news. Learn the definition of critical thinking and how to examine one's, and another's thinking processes. Review the assumptions and principles of adult learning and the concept of the learning organization, single- versus double-loop learning, knowledge management, and communities of learning-practice.


DOD-US1367 DOD Phishing and Social Engineering: Virtual Communication Awareness Training Version 6 

This interactive training explains various types of social engineering, including phishing, spear phishing, whaling, smishing, and vishing. Users learn to recognize indicators of social engineering and the steps to take when targeted by social engineers.


DOD-US1369 Social Networking and Your Online Identity

Social networking has brought many positive aspects to our lives, but it is not without risks. Learn some of the risks associated with social networking services for military, civilian, or contractor members of the DOD. The course uses a fictional social networking service that assists users with making informed choices on issues encountered when creating an online profile. This training concludes with a summary of the dos and don'ts of social networking for DOD members, mainly when using government computers. Suitable for friends and family members. 


J3S T-US1396 Influence Awareness

The Influence Awareness course covers aspects of the Information Environment relevant to U.S. Military and DoD personnel. The purpose of this course is to prepare U.S. military and DoD personnel to:

  • recognize influence attempts and select threats and trends in the IE
  • have increased awareness of activities, patterns, and tactics by which enemies, adversaries, and competitors target the U.S. and the DOD in the IE
  • cope with evolving and future considerations in the IE
  • have knowledge, skills, abilities, situational awareness, and tools to detect and counter influence attempts


JST A-US1398-A Introduction to Women, Peace, and Security 

Learn the historical and global context for the Women, Peace, and Security (WPS) mandate, including:

  • the events and actors that shaped UN Security Council Resolution 1325 on WPS globally and in the U.S.
  • why WPS is important to national security
  • the DOD's role in fulfilling the U.S. WPS guidance

 This course is the first of two courses on WPS implementation.


J3T A-US1398-B-DoD Women Peace and Security Implementation

In this second course on Women, Peace, and Security (WPS), students will learn how the DOD implements WPS within its operations, activities, and investments by integrating a gender perspective. Students will learn:

  • key terminology for WPS
  • DOD WPS defense objectives, the activities that make progress towards their accomplishment, and tasks to support your mission moving forward
  • why a gender perspective is necessary for the DOD to fulfill its statutory WPS requirements and achieve U.S. national security objectives

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