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Have You Thanked Your Training Coordinator Today?

By Joint Knowledge Online | March 13, 2023

The job of a training coordinator (TC) is not an easy one. Often it is a collateral duty and yet still one that carries important responsibilities. A TC is responsible for ensuring the integrity of their organization’s training program.


TCs manage student records, track enrollments and course completions, make organizational training assignments, generate reports, and many other functions to enhance the organization’s individual training program. They must remain ready to account to the commander their training audience and training progress.


For this reason, we salute training coordinators and all the other JKO elevated users out there – over 2,800 of you!
Every combatant command is supported to some extent by JKO elevated users.



1 System Administrator
37 Training Coordinators
4 Report Managers

           USNORTHCOM/NORAD 4 Training Coordinators
USCENTCOM 4 Training Coordinator   USSOCOM


8 Training Coordinators
4 Report Managers

USCYBERCOM 1 Training Coordinator   USSOUTHCOM


10 Training Coordinators
1 Report Manager


1 System Administrator
37 Training Coordinators
4 Report Managers

  USSPACECOM 55 Training Coordinators
USINDOPACOM 1 System Administrator
31 Training Coordinators


3 System Administrators
20 Training Coordinators
13 Training Managers


5 Training Coordinators



JKO elevated users have privileged access to functions in the JKO learning management system (LMS) based on training responsibilities within their organization. This access is not trivial; the JKO LMS is a complex system and privileged users must know what NOT to do as much as what they need to do so as not to create a problem for others. To gain elevated status requires a non-disclosure agreement, completion of a four-hour training coordinator course in JKO, and a 90-minute in-person session on Teams with the JKO training facilitator.


The pre-requisite training and support of the JKO training facilitator prepare individuals to perform training management tasks specific to their role. It is required to establish a basic understanding of how they need to use JKO to accomplish their jobs according to their responsibilities for their respective organization.


It is not a trivial responsibility. So be nice to your training coordinator – it’s not an easy job!

The JKO LMS is a role-based system. Each role has certain privileges. The most common assigned roles are:


  • Training Coordinators are concerned with all aspects of training and education for their respective organizations. They may create courses in the LMS, perform all functions of the roles described below, and associate course managers and instructors for courses. Job one of a training coordinator is to make sure everyone is in and assigned to their organization in the LMS. Organizational membership is the primary means to assign courses to members of the organization and ensure accurate management and reporting for the organization.

  • Training Managers are concerned with managing students within their given organizations by assigning and tracking training for those students. They may modify the organizational structure within the LMS, modify student profiles, and manage training for personnel, including assigning mandatory training, tracking enrollments and course completions, and developing directorate-level training plans. Training manager privileges are scoped to the sub-organization to which they are assigned.

  • Course Managers may be assigned by training coordinators to manage courses. Course managers may manage specific courses, create sections, assign instructors for the sections, facilitate the enrollment process (drop a student, manage section waitlist, etc.) for all sections, customize course-level emails, and run reports on courses for which they are assigned course management responsibilities.

  • Reports Managers run reports based on courses, students, organizations, or any other parameter available for reporting.

  • Instructors may be assigned by training coordinators or course managers to instruct sections of courses. Instructors may customize section-level emails, administer homework, manage students (drop a student, manage section waitlist, etc.) and manage student grade books.

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