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Protecting Sensitive Information is Our Shared Imperative

By Joint Knowledge Online | April 14, 2023
Members of the Department of Defense, whether active military, civilian or contractor, share a sworn duty to protect sensitive information.  It is essential to protecting our missions, and the lives of service members, DOD employees, contractors, and their families.   Disclosure of sensitive information carries tremendous ramifications.




REMINDERS for all DOD personnel:  

Unauthorized disclosure of classified information, whether intentional or unintentional, does not alter the classified nature of the information or the responsibilities of all personnel to safeguard the information according to its ascribed classification. Failure to appropriately safeguard classified information is a reportable security incident.  


  • All personnel should refrain from speculating about unauthorized disclosures and should take care not to discuss classified information with any person not authorized to receive such information.  

  • Do not access or download documents with classified markings from unclassified websites - either from home or work - as the data may be classified, it may be associated with hostile foreign elements, or it may contain malicious code or embedded capabilities that could introduce cyber threats into our information systems. If you have already accessed or downloaded such documents on an unclassified network or device, please consult with your supervisor and contact your organization's IT/cybersecurity service provider immediately for guidance.  

  • If you are contacted by a member of the media, please refer them to the DOD Office of Public Affairs at  

  • If you are contacted by Congressional members or staff, please refer them to the DOD Office of Legislative Affairs at  

  • If you need to report a security incident, contact your security officer.  


Personnel with access to classified information are trusted stewards of that information and the responsibility to safeguard classified information is a lifetime requirement for each individual granted a security clearance.  


Courses on JKO

These courses are viewable on JKO to the following organizations. To request training for your organization, contact the JKO help desk

  • Available to all organizations
    Joint Staff Operations Security (OPSEC) - JS-US009  
  • US Space Command, US Strategic Command Only Access
    Unauthorized Disclosure of Classified Information for DoD and Industry 

  • JFCC IMD, Military Health System, US Southern Command, US Strategic Command Only Access
    Unauthorized Disclosure of Classified Information
  • US Forces Korea (USFK), US Indo-Pacific Command Only Access
    Unauthorized Disclosure of Classified Information


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