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May is Military Appreciation Month

By Joint Knowledge Online | May 1, 2023

Picture of military member, their spouse and children.

Since its designation by Congress in 1999, National Military Appreciation Month is the nation’s opportunity to honor the service and sacrifice of servicemembers and their families. Though Memorial Day is the only federally recognized holiday in May, there are a handful of other specific military holidays spread throughout the month including Loyalty Day, Public Service Recognition Week, VE Day, Armed Forces Day and Military Spouse Appreciation Day.  


In honor of Military Appreciation Month, we’ve highlighted a selection of JKO courses available to military spouses and their families. Since JKO provides distributed joint training and education to increase readiness across the DOD, our library of courses, videos, and other products is constantly expanding. The 16 courses listed here are only a sampling of what is available on JKO. Please visit the JKO LMS course catalog tab or the PDF catalog to explore our full offerings. 


Combating Trafficking in Persons (CTIP) General Awareness (1hr)  ATRRS DL Points

The Combating Trafficking in Persons (CTIP) General Awareness course is designed for all DOD personnel. This course provides information regarding policy and laws applicable to trafficking in persons (TIP). Investigative or acquisition professionals should take the designated CTIP trainings for their fields. 


Combating Trafficking in Persons DoDEA Web-based Training (1 hr)  (no login required)

This course identifies the relevance of human trafficking to schools; defines human trafficking; explains how human trafficking affects military-connected students; identifies human trafficking risk factors and warning signs in school-age children; explains their role in combating human trafficking and how to report suspected human trafficking incidents. 


Community Integration Resources Military Life Cycle (MLC) Module (1 hr)  

The Community Integration Resources module explains how to identify local services and community organizations that can provide assistance and aid to service members, veterans, family members, caregivers, and survivors.  Module objectives include understanding what it means to be part of a community, describing the types of community resources available and the types of services offered, identifying online tools for locating community resources in their area, and listing strategies to vet community resources before engaging or sharing personal information. 


Joint Staff Alcohol and Substance Abuse Prevention - (1 hr)  

Substance abuse is a serious public health problem that affects almost every community and family in some way. Each year substance abuse results in around 40 million serious illnesses or injuries among people in the United States. Abuse of tobacco, alcohol, and illicit drugs is costly to our nation, exacting over $600 billion annually in costs related to crime, lost work productivity, and health care. In this course, you will look closer at a range of drugs and drug abuse that are affecting people in this country. 


Joint Staff Operations Security (OPSEC) (1 hr)  

This course provides OPSEC awareness for military members, government employees, contractors, and dependents.   


Joint Staff Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Training - (1 hr) ATRRS (No DL Points) 

The purpose of Joint Staff Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR) training is to understand sexual assault and its impact on victims, to know the bystander intervention techniques as a form of prevention, to have knowledge of the two types of reporting options, and to provide information on the Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR) Program. 


Joint Staff Suicide Awareness and Prevention - (1 hr)  ATRRS DL Points

The purpose of this course is to educate Joint Staff (JS) civilians and military personnel about the risk factors and warning signs of suicide so they can identify potential problems in themselves, their coworkers (whether civilian or military), and even family members. 


Million Dollar Sailor (MDS) (14 hours) 

Million Dollar Sailor (MDS) training is designed to assist sailors and their families to successfully navigate through the transitions of Navy life and the financial challenges that accompany them. The MDS training is a component of the Personal Financial Management Program created to specifically combat the most common financial issues facing sailors in today's Navy by providing them with sound financial management skills that can be used over their lifetime. The MDS program provides a comprehensive overview of steps to enhance personal financial fitness. The mission of the course is to enhance overall quality of life through personal financial growth and fitness, to improve overall operational readiness and performance, and to enhance retention. Course targets many of the current financial challenges that face our Navy personnel and their families including security clearance issues, credit management, identity theft, bankruptcy, mortgage and foreclosure issues, government credit card abuse and the multiple issues involving Internet buying and selling. 


USFK Personal Transportation Device (PTD) (2.5 hrs) 

The USFK Personal Transportation Device (PTD) course is comprised of 11 lessons that cover general PTD operations requirements and those requirements specific to Korea. PTDs, also known as eScooters and mopeds, offer new challenges to safety. This course is designed to provide PTD operators with the basic knowledge needed to fully understand the how to safely operate a PTD anywhere in Korea.


Social Networking and Your Online Identity Version 5 (1 hr)  

This interactive presentation provides an introduction to social networking for DOD information system users. The presentation acknowledges the positive aspects of social networking, but also familiarizes users with some of the risks associated with social networking services, especially as military, civilian, or contractor members of the DOD. Particular emphasis is placed on the guidance for and limitations on personal use of social networking on DOD information systems. Practical experience is used to assist users with making informed choices on issues encountered when creating an online profile on a fictional social networking service. This training concludes with a brief summary of the dos and don'ts of social networking for DoD members, particularly when using government computers. The information in this product can also benefit user's friends and family members. 


Social Networking Site Awareness Training - (1 hr)  

The purpose of this course is to provide awareness training to network users on social networking sites with regards to professional and family OPSEC concerns. The SNS course will satisfy the one of two requirements to have OSPEC training prior to gaining access to the Africa Command and USEUCOM networks. 


U.S. Forces Driver's Training Program for Europe (2 hrs)  ATRRS DL Points

U.S. Forces Certificate of License - Training Course (USA-007) provides service members and civilians' the resources, videos and a pre-test in order to prepare for the issuance of a certificate of license for driving in Europe. This course is a requisite to the U.S. Forces Certificate of License - Final Course exam (USA-007-B). 


U.S. Forces Korea Driver Licensing Course (2 hrs)  

The course is comprised of 17 modules that cover Korea specific driving regulations and traffic safety requirements.  Some of the first things new arrivals will notice are the unfamiliar traffic signs and driving practices on Korean roadways. This course is designed to provide new drivers in Korea the knowledge needed to fully understand the how to safely drive anywhere in Korea. 


VA Home Loan Guaranty Program Military Life Cycle (MLC) Module (1.5 hrs)  

The VA Home Loan Guaranty Program Military Life Cycle Module will educate and inform Servicemembers, Veterans, and eligible surviving spouses on become homeowners.  After completing this module, participants will be able to do the following: 
- Recognize the advantages of the VA Home Loan Guaranty Program (including the NADL Program for Native Americans living on trust lands) 
- Identify the program's eligibility requirements 
- Recall the six-step process to obtain a VA-guaranteed home loan 
- Identify costs associated with obtaining a VA-guaranteed home loan 
- Recognize the significance of VA's financial counseling assistance services  
- Recall three types of housing adaptation grants 


VA Life Insurance Benefits Military Life Cycle (MLC) Module (1 hr) 

Veteran Affairs (VA) Life Insurance Benefits Military Life Cycle (MLC) module provides a general overview on securing and maintaining life insurance protection using VA life insurance benefits and resources.  Service members, veterans and their loved ones will recognize the advantages of VA life insurance benefits, identify benefits and services available to service members, family members, and veterans at key points during their careers, recognize the process for converting service member and family life insurance policies to veteran or commercial policies after discharge and identify key insurance benefits available to veterans. 

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