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New web series: EJPME Extras - Ways to Learn More

By Joint Knowledge Online | May 8, 2023

Picture of a female solider and EJMPE alumni posing in front of row of library books. Text says finding the joint fit with enlisted joint professional military education.

Enlisted Joint Professional Military Enlisted (EJPME) students!


Have you finished EJPME I and/or EJPME II and are looking for additional material?

Do you have an interest in further joint military education?

Would you like a one-stop shop for additional readings, podcasts, and books on subjects of interest?


You're in luck, our new web series EJPME Extras: Ways to Learn More will highlight information from the Joint Force Leader Development (JFLD) Digital Learning Resource Center on JKO!


Often our EJPME alumni ask us where they can find additional material on joint military education. The JFLD branch created the Digital Learning Resource Center to meet that request.


The Digital Learning Resource Center provides an online, central location where JFLD students, staff and faculty, and alumni return for self-paced, self-development, research, and reference resources in support of individual life-long learning. The Resource Center includes books, case studies, readings, podcasts, and videos on topics of relevance to the continuation of joint education.


Spotlight: the Great Power Competition

The National Defense Strategy (NDS) states that, "the United States now faces a more competitive and dangerous international security environment than we have seen in generations, demanding clear-eyed appraisal of the threats we face, acknowledgement of the changing character of warfare, and a transformation of how the Department conducts business." 


•  The NDS identifies the reemergence of great power competition from China and Russia as the central challenge to U.S. prosperity and security. 


•  The NDS emphasizes that we require significant and urgent change in the way that we rebuild the force and alter its posture in order to maintain our competitive advantage. It calls for reforming institutional processes that lack agility, focusing on high-end, large-scale combat, quicker innovation, and building more lethal warfighting capability and an agile posture. This approach carries significant implications for how we think about and study warfare.


As the geopolitical climate changes, so too must the way we train the force. How do we shift from years of irregular warfare to fighting a near-peer advisory? How do we help the force transition to the new ways of war? If you’ve found yourself pondering these questions, you’re not alone. 


A curated collection of content on The Return to Great Power Competition is now available on the JFLD Digital Learning Resource Center. Visitors can explore a wealth of information from publicly available books, case studies, readings, and papers.


JFLD Digital Learning Resource Center

Visit the Community tab in JKO and select the JFLD Digital Learning Resource Center under EJPME

The material about the Return to Great Power competition is found halfway down the page in area 3, "Special Areas of Emphasis."

Picture showing section 3 Special Areas of Emphasis on the JFLD community tab in JKO. Section 3 highlights the Great Power Competition.

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