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EJPME Distinguished Alumni Spotlight

By Joint Knowledge Online | July 17, 2023

The EJPME Spotlight series recognizes and profiles current and former students serving in the joint interagency, intergovernmental, multinational (JIIM) environment or in named joint operations and exercises. This series aims to share student or alumni experiences to inspire current students and provide an example for others to emulate.


The image pictures Chief Master Sergeant Tina R. Timmerman speaking with another U.S. Space Force uniformed male member as they stand in a computer control center.


Our current distinguished alumni, Chief Master Sergeant Tina R. Timmerman, U.S. Space Force (USSF), command senior enlisted leader (CSEL), National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), provides insights about the impact of EJPME on her career path.


What joint experiences have you had?


  • Missile Warning Center, Cheyenne Mountain, the first U.S. Space Command (USSPACECOM)
  • 609th Air Operations Center, Al Udeid, Qatar, U.S. Central Command (USCENTCOM), superintendent of special technical operations
  • 613th Air Operations Center, Missile Warning Center, Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Combat Operations Division
  • Joint Task Force (JTF) Space Defense, U.S. Space Command (USSPACECOM), CSEL
  • U.S. Space Force (USSF), National Reconnaissance Office (NRO), CSEL

Currently at the highest level of enlisted leadership, Timmerman is the principal advisor to the director, deputy director and senior staff on military readiness, professional development and mission effectiveness of the organization’s joint enlisted personnel assigned at numerous locations across the globe. 


How has EJPME impacted your experiences in a joint environment?


EJPME was a must for most of my assignments and opportunities to serve throughout my career. EJPME is the foundational education to understand service centric lexicons, culture, and how the services interact with each other. It provided me the insight I needed to create operational teams to get after the mission in front of me. Knowing who to ask and where to go for task execution is key to success. No mission is successful if you don’t have a common language for communication. EJPME is where you start. 

Tell us about an experience you've had where your EJPME knowledge came into play.


When I had the privilege of working at Joint Task Force (JTF) Space Defense, the unit started as a tri-agency operations center known as the National Space Defense Center, created to support the space protect and defend mission. With the stand-up of USSPACECOM, it was recognized that a JTF was going to be needed to help drive the mission forward. If I would not have had the opportunity to finish online EJPME I & II along with in-person JPME II at the Joint Forces Staff College (JFSC), then I would not have had the insight and education to advise senior leaders on mission direction and joint unit organizational design. The Joint and Combined Warfighting School (JCWS)(JPME II)2 provided me the advanced education to maneuver through this challenge to organize a unit to prepare for the warfighting space domain as directed through the National Security Strategy, National Defense Strategy, and National Military Strategy to ensure the protection of our homeland. 


What is the most important thing you've learned about joint operations? 


The most important thing I have learned about joint operations is that each service is responsible for being the lead for their domain and being charged with providing the needed integration to the overall plan. Each service brings their military domain superiority to the table when called upon to execute our nation's wars and peacetime operations. A war is not fought by a single service alone, each service has their piece of the plan. Joint integration is a must to maintain our nation's advantage as the dominate world leader in military operations. 


What do you feel is the most important subject for future joint leaders to know? 


Tomorrow’s joint leaders are only going to be better if we are open to all. I'm a huge advocate for diversity, inclusion, and equity groups. I'm the senior enlisted champion for the U.S. Space Force Women's Initiative Team. To build stronger mission and operations teams, and advance beyond our adversaries’ capabilities, we must have a myriad of voices on the team. Various backgrounds provide different insights which lead to innovation and better problem-solving solutions. 


What advice do you have for current students? 


All forms of education will serve you to be a better, well-rounded leader. Education is something no one can take from you. Whether you serve four years or 30 years, to be an operationally relevant leader with a voice to advise and influence senior leaders on mission plans, people and resources, it starts with EJPME. Take advantage of the opportunities given to you, not just through EJPME, but through service specific or other joint schools. 


What's next for you? 


I'm dedicated to influencing the development of the U.S. Space Force. The sixth service is three years old, and building the next generation of military members to deliver space superiority in a contested and congested environment is imperative. The U.S. military faces real peer adversarial threats from China and Russia. As the command senior enlisted leader of an Intelligence agency staffed with DOD assets, training, caring, and feeding our members is one of my highest priorities. 


Individuals may be nominated for this quarterly distinction by the EJPME program manager or their command senior enlisted leader (CSEL). If you are a CSEL interested in nominating an EJPME student or alumni, please contact program manager John Lipps at



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