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Latest Zero Trust Training on JKO

By Joint Knowledge Online | October 23, 2023

Zero Trust Architecture.


Zero Trust Architecture, introduced as a federal government requirement by May 2021 Executive Order 14028 Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity, is necessary to bolster national cybersecurity. The DOD Zero Trust Strategy and Roadmap, released in November 2022 now calls for implementation of Zero Trust along with the considerable cultural change. The strategy outlines integrated, strategic goals that define what the DOD will do to achieve and execute Zero Trust Architecture principles.


"Defending DOD networks with high-powered and ever-more sophisticated perimeter defenses is no longer sufficient for achieving cyber resiliency and securing our information enterprise that spans geographic borders, interfaces with external partners, and support to millions of authorized users, many of which now require access to DOD networks outside traditional boundaries, such as work from home. To meet these challenges, the DOD requires an enhanced cybersecurity framework built upon Zero Trust principles that must be adopted across the Department, enterprise-wide, as quickly as possible as described within this document.”DOD Zero Trust Strategy, 07 Nov 2022


Zero Trust Strategy training courses are designed to facilitate implementation of this requirement. The first course begins with general awareness of Zero Trust for all audiences across the DOD enterprise. Additional one-hour courses are tailored for specific audiences, including executives and information technology professionals.

These courses are provided by the Chief Information Officer’s Zero Trust Portfolio Management Office (ZT PfMO) in collaboration with the Defense Acquisition University (DAU) and are hosted on JKO:


DOD - US003 - DOD Zero Trust Awareness Course (1hr)- The goal of this course is to explain why Zero Trust is a critical concept that should become a major focus for cybersecurity across the DOD. It provides an awareness of the implications of implementing Zero Trust and explains why it is a critical concept that should become a major focus for cybersecurity across the DOD.

DOD - US005 - Zero Trust for DOD Executives Course (1hr)- For the DOD executive, the implementation of Zero Trust principles is crucial to enhance the cybersecurity posture (at an organizational, service, and DOD enterprise level) and protect sensitive information. The overarching goal of this course is to help the DOD executive learn to recognize critical Zero Trust (ZT) principles as they embark on the ZT journey.

DOD - US006 - Zero Trust Strategy and Guidance (1hr)- This course presents underlying strategic guidance and policy for implementing Zero Trust across DOD organizations.


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