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Multinational Allies and Partners

By Joint Knowledge Online | November 20, 2023

JKO takes pride in our service not only to our own military and military connected organizations, but also our support to our multinational allies and partners. 


Photo of attendees at the PfPC conference.


With sponsorship from an approved organization, members of allied and partner nations can request JKO accounts and get access to select courses and training materials.


JKO staff members also participate in meetings and working groups, such as the Partnership for Peace Consortium (PfPC) Advanced Distributed Learning (ADL) Working Group held in Budapest on Sept. 6-7. Hosted by the NATO Centre of Excellence for Military Medicine, the meeting included 41 experts from 18 nations who held discussions on different aspects of training, education and AI integration.  





Pictured center is JKO Enlisted Joint Professional Military Education Program Manager John Lipps. 


The group, co-chaired by NATO Allied Command Transformation (ACT) Col. Steve Banks and Dr. Aaron Presnall, nominally representing the Office of the Secretary of Defense Force Education and Training (FE&T), resulted in the initiation of two info papers. 


  • Training Requirements to Support Ukraine Military Medical 
  • AI in Military Education and Training: Challenges and Opportunities 

JKO looks forward to building even stronger collaboration with the PfPC ADLWG and with partner nations in the future. 


For more information on the event, visit the articles posted by the NATO Military Medicine Center of Excellence and NATO DEEP eLearning.  



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