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Is the JKO Virtual Classroom Environment Right for You?

By Joint Knowledge Online | April 9, 2024
See why users are saying they are never going back to the way they did training before.

JKO Virtual Classroom (VCLASS) fact sheet

What is VCLASS?  


Did you know that one of the fastest growing tools JKO offers is the virtual classroom environment called VCLASS?  VCLASS offers academic course work, seminars, continuing education, and training within the JKO learning management system. 

With availability on unclassified and classified networks, VCLASS allows organizations to create the tailored online classroom environment to fit any need. To spread the word about this fantastic offering, we’ll be featuring a series of articles related to the JKO Virtual Classroom throughout 2024. 


Is VCLASS The Solution for You? 


You know you have a training need, but how do you figure out the best solution?  

Well, at JKO we work with you to understand your training objective and identify the right tool to meet your education and training needs. Do you need a collaborative environment? Do you plan to have an instructor or facilitator? Do you need the ability to train and report training? If the answers to these questions are all “yes,” VCLASS, the JKO virtual classroom environment, might be the best fit. 


 VCLASS: A Budget-Friendly Solution 


VCLASS is an interactive online classroom environment that mirrors the same systems available in most academic institutions. Think of it as a Blackboard-like environment...without the licensing cost.  


Plug and Play 


JKO VCLASS provides prebuilt easy-to-use- templates. You can create simple, user-friendly and flexible courses in weeks, not months. VCLASS includes instruction and collaboration activities, live stream, video capture through Microsoft Teams of academic sessions, lessons, tests/quizzes, grades, chat room, automated completion certificates, and more.  


 Collaborate Without Limits 


VCLASS users can organize, store, deliver, and collaborate with others. Build and organize resources in VCLASS to fit your needs. 


Our expertise in helping you create videos in the proper format and size makes reaching storage limits a thing of the past. With VCLASS, file storage is easy and our staff makes avoiding firewalls simple and straightforward.  


Global Access, How You Need It 


Networking is not restricted to the classroom anymore. Admit anyone into VCLASS including leadership, those in the field, civilians, and students, current or past, onsite or remote, self-paced or scheduled. Does your training need to be secure? VCLASS is NIPRNET & SIPRNET accessible. 


Need Help? We Have Humans for That 


Whether it’s getting started with VCLASS or trouble shooting something on the JKO network, we’re here to provide support. Our helpful VCLASS team will guide you through the set-up process and make sure you have everything you need for a successful training event. Plus, our JKO  24/7 help desk is available by phone or email. No matter what kind of help you need, you’ll always reach a human at JKO.  


If you’re ready to take your training to the next level with VCLASS, please contact JKO Deputy Chief, Mr. Timothy Brandon at 


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