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JKO Joins the New Joint Enabling and Learning Division (JELD)

By By Joint Knowledge Online | April 29, 2024

Joint Knowledge Online (JKO) combines forces with Joint National Training Capability (JNTC), the Chairman’s Joint Lessons Learned Program (JLLP), and Elite Constellation Assessment (EC-A) Team to become the Joint Enabling and Learning Division (JELD).

The new JELD comes together as part of a mission-directed reassignment to strategically align and prioritize joint training assets and resources. This change is based on the Chairman’s imperative to balance support to employing, developing, and designing the Joint Force. The Chairman emphasizes the need to accelerate change to build our jointness and to ensure operational readiness today and for tomorrow.


“Our Nation needs us ready to fight today's battles but also to prepare for tomorrow's wars. We must prepare by modernizing and aggressively leading with new concepts and approaches.” -- Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Air Force Gen. CQ Brown, Jr.


In part, this imperative requires a new warfighting concept, the Joint Warfighting Concept (JWC). The JWC provides the unifying vision to guide force modernization, particularly given the changing character of war. It guides the Department's future force development, design, and global warfighting approach along force design threads that ensure we have the right people, equipment, training, roles, and doctrine to deter and, if necessary, win in a future conflict. Today, as we move forward in operationalizing the JWC via efforts such as Elite Constellation (EC), the Director for Joint Force Development, J7 is aligning resources, capabilities, and assets to enhance global integration to shape Joint Force employment, development, design, and operational readiness.


“We are at a natural inflection point based on the current tension in the world order, the changing character of war and the transition from Joint Warfighting Concept development to implementation.” -- Director for Joint Force Development, J7


Given this impetus, deputy directors must optimize their workforce to meet required responsibilities. JKO is undergoing change as the Director for Joint Force Development, J7 aligns its focus to activities that will exercise the emerging JWC tenents within the Elite Constellation (EC) series of exercises, and prioritizing training and education assets on this mission area.


“If you dislike change, you're going to dislike irrelevance even more.” -- Retired Gen. Eric Shinseki 34th Chief of Staff of the Army


New Joint Enabling and Learning Division (JELD) 
JKO, JNTC, JLLP and EC-A bring mission-critical assets to the fight. The purpose of re-aligning as the JELD is to bring synergy and efficiency to our support of the Chairman in building the Joint Force. JELD is focused on leveraging resources, integrated processes and tools to support the JWC implementation and assessment. Working together with the new shared mission will yield faster incorporation of results, experiences, and lessons learned into joint training standards, tasks, and training content.

Each program and supporting team bring assets that will be prioritized to meet the JELD mission. JKO is an integral part of that effort building jointness and operational readiness. Through our tools and expertise in learning content development and delivery, we enable the global training audience to address mission critical knowledge gaps and increase competency in relevant mission areas such as EC preparation, participation, and proficiency. JKO’s suite of offerings enables a continuum of learning, from individual training elements to larger scale group collaboration with the provision for learning assessment at every stage. JKO is currently hosting learning resources associated with the changing character of war, and JWC courseware on our Warrior Readiness Site (WRS) on JKO-SIPR. 


JELD Mission
Provide joint training enablers, learning and context to enhance global integration in joint operations, exercises, experiments, and wargames to effectively shape Joint Force employment, development, design, and operational readiness.

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