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Thomas F. Carney

Vice Director for Force Structure, Resources and Assessment, J8

Thomas F. Carney, Vice Director for Force Structure, Resources,and Assessment, J8.

Mr. Carney is a member of the Senior Executive Service and a retired career military officer. He serves as the Vice Director of J-8, responsible for developing future capabilities, conducting force structure and warfighting studies, and evaluating Defense Department plans, programs and strategies for the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He supports the Director, J8 in his roles as Joint Requirements Oversight Council (JROC) Secretary, and as Chairman of the Joint Capabilities Board (JCB).

While on active duty Mr. Carney spent most of his operational career in the Asia-Pacific Region, and held a number of positions in resource and financial management, logistics, strategy and policy.

Mr. Carney is a graduate of the U.S. Naval Academy, the Industrial College of the Armed Forces, and holds a Master's Degree in Business Administration from Loyola University.