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Press Statement: CJCS, ROK Chairman Meet, Discuss Stronger Alliance, Military Readiness

By Col. Patrick S. Ryder
Spokesperson for the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Joseph F. Dunford, Jr., met with Chairman of the Republic of Korea Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Kyeong Doo Jeong during the 42nd Republic of Korea and U.S. Military Committee Meeting (MCM) in Seoul Oct. 27.


The Republic of Korea delegation was represented by Chairman of the Republic of Korea Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. Kyeong Doo Jeong; Deputy Commander Combined Forces Command Gen. Kim Byeong Joo and Chief Director of the Republic of Korea Joint Chiefs of Staff J-5 Vice Adm. Seung Seob Sim.


Commander, U.S. Pacific Command Adm. Harry B. Harris and Commander, Combined Forces Command Gen. Vincent K. Brooks, joined Dunford as the U.S. delegation.


Dunford and Jeong discussed measures to strengthen Alliance’s defense posture and efficient transition of wartime operational control from the U.S.-led Combined Forces Command to a ROK-led Future Alliance Command. They conducted a focused assessment of ROK’s continuing acquisition of critical military capabilities to maintain strong deterrence and to respond swiftly and decisively to North Korean provocation.


The two leaders recognized the importance of holding the United States-Republic of Korea Military Committee meeting during this crucial time, demonstrating the strength and credibility of the military alliance against any North Korean aggression or provocation. General Dunford reiterated the U.S.’ firm and unwavering commitments to defense of the Republic of Korea and its continued commitment to providing extended deterrence. He reaffirmed that any attack by North Korea would be met with a response that will be overwhelming and effective, using the full range of U.S. military capabilities.


Dunford and Jeong committed to strengthening the Alliance’s military readiness by optimizing interoperability and integration between their two militaries. The additionally acknowledged the critical nature of trilateral and multinational partnerships and agreed to further strengthen efforts in information sharing with Japan and other partners in order to support the global pressure campaign against North Korea.


The MCM is part of the U.S.-Republic of Korea bilateral consultation process which convenes annually or during times of heightened tension. The committee provides strategic directives and operational guidance to the Combined Forces Command in defense of the Republic of Korea and addresses Alliance military issues.