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Previous editions of the quarterly JKO newsletter
 Title Description
Vol. 1 Issue 1 - JKO NewsletterDownloadJKO 9.5 New Release __ Customer Spotlight: The Pandemic Pushed Us Online with Great Results __ Latest in Course Design __ COVID-19 Tipping Point __ How It’s Made: A JKO Course __ Tips From Training Coordinator: LMS Familiarization Guide
Vol. 1 Issue 10 - JKO NewsletterDownloadCustomer Spotlight: Digital Currencies as National Threat and Opportunity __ EJPME Student Spotlight __ New on JKO: Joint Exercise Training Support (JETS) __ Tips from a Training Coordinator: Finding Accounts Using Report Builder
Vol. 1 Issue 2 - JKO NewsletterDownloadJoint Training Synchronization Conference __ Customer Spotlight: VCLASS During Pandemic Constraints __ Digital Learning Resource Ctr __ DoD 2020 Security Campaign __ How It’s Made: SGST __ Tips From Training Coordinator: Establishing your Primary Org
Vol. 1 Issue 3 - JKO NewsletterDownloadCollege Credit for SEJPME __ VCLASS Hosts DON SAPRO Webinar Series __ New Norms in Distance Learning __ Adobe Flash Player End-of-Life __ How It’s Made: VCLASS __ Tips from a Training Coordinator - Web Course Features for Onsite Classes
Vol. 1 Issue 4 - JKO NewslettterDownloadArmy Joint Warfighting Assessment JWA 21 __ JS14 and the Army Joint Logistics Course__ Women, Peace & Security __ How It's Made: JKO DL Architecture __ JKO & The Army DL Program __ Tips From Training Coordinator: Creating a Completion Certificate
Vol. 1 Issue 6 - JKO NewsletterDownloadAETC Modernization __JKO 9.7 Enhancements__How It's Made: Version Update__Tips from a Training Coordinator: Why Use Audiences
Vol. 1 Issue 7 - JKO NewsletterDownloadJKO 2021 in Review _ G2 U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command _ Antiterrorism Training has Broad Reach _ Meet the new JKO Deputy Chief: Tim Brandon _ Tips from a Training Coordinator: New Controlled Unclassified Information Functionality
Vol. 1 Issue 8 - JKO NewsletterDownloadJKO DHA Partnership __ Customer Spotlight - Joint Interoperability Division (JID) __ JKO JFLD Branch __ Tips from a Training Coordinator: Audiences VS Organizations
Vol. 1 Issue 9 - JKO NewsletterDownloadSGST Provides DHA with Online Training__ Customer Spotlight: New USSOCOM Counter Threat Finance Course __ EJPME Student Spotlight __ Tips From Training Coordinator: Updating Primary Organization as an Indoc Requirement
Vol. 2 Issue 2 - JKO NewsletterDownloadCustomer Spotlight: Assistant to the Secretary of Defense for Privacy, Civil Liberties, and Transparency__New web series: EJPME Extras - Ways to Learn More__Spotlight: Training Coordinators__New JKO Courses__May is Military Appreciation Month
Vol. 2 Issue 3 - JKO NewsletterDownloadUSSPACECOM Campaign Planning Course __ EJPME Distinguished Alumni Spotlight __ Jillis on VCLASS __ Tips from Training Coordinator: JKO Organizational Roster
Vol. 2 Issue 4 - JKO NewsletterDownloadCombating Trafficking in Persons Training on JKO __ EJPME Student Spotlight __ Zero Trust on JKO __ Tips from a Training Coordinator: New Enhancements and Fixes with JKO Build 11 Release
Volume 2 Issue 1 - JKO NewsletterDownloadCustomer Spotlight: DOD Zero Trust Portfolio Management Office __ EJPME Distinguished Alumni Spotlight __ JKO Year in Review __ Tips from a Training Coordinator: Accessing JKO via Username and Password; CAC not required.