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EJPME Distinguished Alumni Spotlight

By Joint Knowledge Online | March 1, 2024

The EJPME Spotlight series recognizes and profiles current and former students serving in the joint interagency, intergovernmental, multinational (JIIM) environment or in named joint operations and exercises. This series aims to share student or alumni experiences to inspire current students and provide an example for others to emulate.


Portrate of Command Sgt. Maj. Benjamin Jones.

Our current distinguished alumni, U.S. Army Sergeant First Class Jabari Cadet-King, provides insights about the impact of enlisted joint professional military education (EJPME) on his career path.

He is the senior operations and alternate intelligence non-commissioned officer (NCO) for the 586th Field Hospital, Fort Campbell, Ky. He analyzes operation orders and tasks subordinate direct reporting units (DRUs), plans future operations, like a future deployment running a hospital, and prepares medical training needed for the missions. 



What joint experiences have you had?


My joint experience was in South Korea, scenario planning medical “what if” situations alongside Navy, Air Force and Army counterparts. During that time, all branches learned a more in-depth education, from our counterparts learning why they perform their medical operations in certain ways verses how the other branches do theirs. 


Why did you enroll into EJPME certificate courses?


While working in South Korea, my Air Force counterpart saw I had an interest in joint operations and suggested I take the EJPME course to have a more foundational education on joint operations before I attempted being assigned to a joint location. 


What skills and intellectual experiences did you acquire in the EJPME program at JKO that have served you well in your career?  


The EJPME program on JKO helped me develop an understanding of how the joint world operates. The knowledge I learned through the EJPME course provided a baseline understanding for additional courses such as the Army Battle Staff and Distributed Learner Course IV courses for senior leaders. It was especially useful when they discussed joint operations. 


Based on your experience since graduating: Is “jointness” only about past exercises or operations or how does it relate to today and the future? 


Jointness is not only about past exercises or operations, but also relates to current and future operations. Understanding how each branch interacts in the mission gives individuals a greater sense of their role. During future operations, missions will have more joint taskings. It is important to have a basic understanding of how other services operate in conjunction with our own individual service. 


What do you feel is the most important subject for future joint leaders to know? 


In my opinion, the most important subject for future joint leaders to know is about different joint directorates or “J” shops; what they do and how they differ from lower-level shops. 


What advice do you have for current students? 


My advice for current students is to pay attention to the lessons that are being discussed because they will appear again as you continue your career. 


What's next for you? 


I’ll be taking over an operations office while on deployment. After that, I will either be working in a military processing center or filling a first sergeant billet. 

Many thanks to U.S. Army Sergeant First Class Jabari Cadet-King for sharing his experience with our audience.


Individuals may be nominated for this quarterly distinction by the EJPME program manager or their command senior enlisted leader (CSEL). If you are a CSEL interested in nominating an EJPME student or alumni, please contact program manager John Lipps at



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