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CJCSI 3710.01B DOD Counterdrug Support 1/26/2007 06/12/14 This instruction promulgates Secretary of Defense (SecDef) delegation of authority to approve counterdrug (CD) operational support missions. It also provides, in accordance with (IAW) the National Defense Authorization Act for 2002, as amended, instructions on authorized types of DOD CD support to law enforcement agencies (LEA), other government agencies, and foreign nations.
CJCSI 5760.01A Records Management Policy for the Joint Staff and Combatant Commands 4/30/2007 07/18/12 In accordance with references a through h, this instruction provides policy and guidance for the Joint Staff and the combatant commanders in the conduct of records management.
CJCSI 2300.01D International Agreements 10/5/2007 9/27/13 This instruction provides information to implement and supplement reference a. Additionally, this instruction provides only procedural guidance; substantive authority to negotiate or conclude an international agreement must be derived from the US Constitution or federal law.
CJCSI 5119.01C Charter for the Centralized Direction, Management, Operation, and Technical Support of the Nuclear Command, Control, and Communication System 12/14/2007 02/07/13 To define the functions and responsibilities of the Nuclear C3 System Engineer, Joint Staff, combatant commands, Services, and Defense agencies for the centralized direction, management, operation, and technical support of the nuclear C3 system.
CJCSI 3510.01D No-Notice Interoperability Exercise Program 3/21/2008 This instruction establishes a CJCS-sponsored program of no-notice interoperability exercises (NIEXs) and provides procedures for their planning and execution.
CJCSI 3225.01  Illumination of Objects in Space by Lasers 8/1/2008 02/12/13 To establish CJCS policy, assign responsibility and define procedures regarding illumination of objects in space by lasers. The instruction serves to protect satellites from a reasonable expectation of harm or disruption in accordance with references a, b, and c.
CJCSI 3255.01  Joint Unmanned Aircraft Systems Minimum Training Standards 7/17/2009 09/04/12 To define Joint Unmanned Aircraft System Minimum Training Standards (JUMTS) and identify the minimum knowledge required for an unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) crewmember (UASC) to support joint force commanders’ (JFC) objectives.
CJCSI 6723.01B Global Combat Support System Family of Systems Requirements Management Structure 7/31/2009 09/18/13 This instruction republishes the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (CJCS) instruction covering the Requirements Management and Governance Structure (RMGS) for the Global Combat Support System (GCSS) Family of Systems (FOS) (hereinafter referred to simply as the GCSS FOS) and the Global Combat Support System-Joint (GCSS-J) mission application (formerly known as GCSS combatant commander/joint task force or GCSS-CC/JTF).
CJCSI 3401.01E Joint Combat Capability Assessment 4/13/2010 05/19/14 This instruction establishes the Joint Combat Capability Assessment (JCCA) as the policy and process for reporting and assessing the readiness of the Department of Defense (DOD) to execute the National Military Strategy (NMS). The JCCA is a major component of the Chairman’s Readiness System.
CJCSI 4330.01B Use of NATO Logistical Planning Factors by US Forces 4/30/2010 04/18/14 To establish policy guidance for the United States' use of NATO stockpile planning factors.
CJCSI 5810.01D Implementation of the DOD Law of War Program 4/30/2010 This instruction implements the requirements provided in reference (a) that are assigned to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
CJCSI 1331.01D Manpower and Personnel Actions Involving General and Flag Officers 8/1/2010 02/11/2013 This instruction implements Department of Defense (DOD) policy and provides guidance for the effective management of general/flag officer (G/FO) actions involving joint duty assignments (JDAs) or positions of importance and responsibility per Title 10, United States Code (10 USC), and DOD policy and directives.
CJCSI 5721.01E The Defense Message System and Associated Legacy Message Processing Systems 8/13/2010 04/02/13 This instruction provides policy, guidance, responsibilities, and information regarding the use, operation, and management of the Defense Message System (DMS).
CJCSI 2410.01D Guidance for the Exercise of Right-of-Assistance Entry 8/31/2010 9/3/13 This instruction establishes uniform policThis instruction establishes uniform policy for the exercise ofy for the exercise of right-of-assistance entry (RAE) by U.S. military ships and aircraft within the U.S.-recognized territorial seas or archipelagic waters of foreign states.
CJCSI 5711.01C Policy on Action Processing 9/10/2010 06/06/13 This instruction establishes policy governing the development, staffing and approval of actions prepared by the Joint Staff.
CJCSI 6731.01C Global Command and Control System - Joint (GCCS-J) Security Policy 10/30/2010 This instruction defines the security policy for the Global Command and Control System–Joint (GCCS-J), its strategic server enclaves, and GCCS–Top Secret (GCCS-T).
CJCSI 2110.01E International Transfer of U.S. Defense-Related Technology and Munitions 12/10/2010 02/06/13 This instruction implements the references and establishes Joint Staff procedures for reviewing the international transfer of U.S. defense-related technology.
CJCSI 5002.01  Meeting the JCS Conference Room 12/13/2010 This instruction establishes policy, responsibilities, and procedures for meetings held in the JCS Conference Room (also known as the “Tank”).
CJCSI 7201.01B Combatant Commanders' Official Representation Funds 12/20/2010 In accordance with the reference, this instruction provides guidance for the combatant commands regarding the use of funds appropriated for official representation purposes. The Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff does not provide funding to the U.S. Special Operations Command; however, it is required to follow all other requirements of this instruction.
CJCSI 6510.01F Information Assurance (IA) and Support to Computer Network Defense (CND) 2/9/2011 06/09/15 Provide joint policy and responsibilities for IA and support to CND in accordance with (IAW) Department of Defense Directive (DODD) 8500.01E, “Information Assurance (IA)” (reference a).
CJCSI 3401.02B Force Readiness Reporting 5/31/2011 07/17/14 This instruction establishes uniform policy, procedures, and criteria for the reporting of authoritative information to the President and Secretary of Defense related to the readiness of military forces to meet missions and goals assigned by the Secretary of Defense.
CJCSI 3405.01  Chairman's Total Force Fitness Framework 9/1/2011 09/23/13 This instruction identifies a framework for adopting and implementing total force fitness (TFF). The TFF framework is a methodology for understanding, assessing, and maintaining Service members' well-being and sustaining their ability to carry out missions. This instruction identifies terms, definitions, descriptions, and responsibilities.
CJCSI 5125.01  Charter of the Joint Information Operations Warfare Center 9/1/2011 9/30/2015 To establish the Joint Information Operations Warfare Center (JIOWC) as a Chairman-controlled activity (CCA) under the supervision of the Joint Staff Director for Operations (J-3) and define the mission and functions of the JIOWC.
CJCSI 5701.01C Policy for the Development of CJCS, Joint Staff, and J-Directorate Directives 10/1/2011 Consistent with reference a, this instruction sets forth policy and responsibilities for development and maintenance of CJCS, Joint Staff, and J-directorate instructions, manuals, notices, and guides.
CJCSI 6005.01  Management of No Distribution (NODIS) and Exclusive Distribution (EXDIS) Messages in the Joint Staff 11/1/2011 11/25/13 To establish Office of the Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff (OCJCS) policy for receipt and delivery of NODIS and EXDIS to the Joint Staff and Combatant Commanders in keeping with communications from the Office of the Secretary of Defense.
CJCSI 3209.01  Defense Critical Infrastructure Program 1/9/2012 6/22/2016 This instruction assigns duties and responsibilities for the Defense Critical Infrastructure Program (DCIP).
CJCSI 5715.01C Joint Staff Participation In Interagency Affairs 1/18/2012 01/07/14 To clarify the role of the Joint Staff within the interagency processes associated with U.S. national security and homeland security policy development and implementation.
CJCSI 6211.02D Defense Information Systems Network (DISN) Responsibilities 1/24/2012 08/04/15 This instruction establishes policy and responsibilities for the connection of information systems (ISs) (e.g., applications, enclaves, or outsourced processes) and unified capabilities (UC) products to the DISN-provided transport (including data, voice, and video) and access to information services transmitted over the DISN (including data, voice, video, and cross-domain (CD)).
CJCSI 8410.02  Warfighting Mission Area (WMA) Principal Accrediting Authority (PAA) and WMA Authorizing Officials: Policy and Responsibilities 2/8/2012 11/19/14 This instruction establishes policy and responsibilities for the Warfighting Mission Area (WMA) Principal Accrediting Authority (PAA), Joint Staff J-8 Deputy Director for Command, Control, Communications, and Computer Systems (DDC4), and WMA Authorizing Officials in accordance with DOD Instruction (DODI) 8510.01, “DOD Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process (DIACAP)” (reference a).
CJCSI 5714.01D Policy for the Release of Joint Information 4/18/2012 In accordance with references a through jj, this instruction establishes policy and assigns responsibilities for the release of papers, books, maps, photographs, machine-readable materials, and any other materials or information, regardless of physical form or characteristics, originated by the Joint Staff and joint military activities (herein referred to individually and collectively as "joint information").
CJCSI 3156.01A Management Of Joint Unit Reference Numbers 4/30/2012 This instruction, issued under the authority of reference a, establishes policy for Combatant Commands, Services, and Agencies (C/S/A) on the management of Unit Reference Numbers (URNs). It specifically defines a management structure for the assignment of URNs that is responsive to the needs of C/S/A.
CJCSI 3213.01D Joint Operations Security 5/7/2012 To provide CJCS policy and guidance for planning and executing operations security (OPSEC) in support of joint military operations, activities, plans, training, exercises, and capabilities.
CJCSI 3290.01D Program for Detainee Operations 6/1/2012 CH 1, 02/17/15 To designate a Joint Staff point of contact for matters pertaining to the implementation of the Department of Defense (DoD) Detainee Program, and to assign responsibilities to Joint Staff offices and directorates to ensure appropriate oversight of combatant command detainee operations policies and procedures, including ensuring operational exercises routinely test the capabilities of DoD components to conduct, participate in, and support detainee operations.
CJCSI 5111.01G Charter for US National Military Representative to Shape 6/25/2012 This instruction defines the mission and responsibilities for the U.S. National Military Representatives (USNMR) to Supreme Headquarters Allied Powers Europe (SHAPE).
CJCSI 6240.01E Responsibilities for the Joint Tactical Operations Interface Training Program 8/13/2012 This instruction sets policy and outlines Combatant Command, Service, and Defense Agency (C/S/A) responsibilities with regard to the Joint Tactical Operations (JTO) Interface Training Program.
CJCSI 2211.01D Visits by Students or Staff Members of Foreign National or International Defense Colleges 8/17/2012 This instruction establishes CJCS policy on visits to military installations and other areas of interest in the United States by students or staff members of foreign national or international defense colleges.
CJCSI 8510.01C Management of Modeling and Simulation 8/17/2012 This instruction:  a. Implements policy guidance established in DoD Directive 5000.59, 8 August 2007, “DOD Modeling and Simulation (M&S) Management” (reference a).  b. Establishes the policy for the management of modeling and simulation (M&S) and assigns responsibilities.
CJCSI 8501.01B Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Combatant Commanders, Chief, National Guard Bureau,and Joint Staff Participation in the Planning, Programming, Budgeting, and Execution System 8/21/2012 This instruction describes participation by the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (CJCS), the Commanders of the Combatant Commands (CCDRs), the Chief, National Guard Bureau (CNGB), and the Joint Staff (JS) in the DoD Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Execution (PPBE) process.
CJCSI 6232.01E LINK-16 Spectrum Deconfliction 9/21/2012 This instruction implements policy to ensure that use of Link 16 terminals and systems that operate in the 960-1215 MHz frequency band Time Divisional Multiple Access (TDMA) waveform operate in accordance with the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) and U.S. Military Communications-Electronics Board (MCEB) spectrum certification guidance and ensures DoD compliance with reference a.
CJCSI 3207.01C Department of Defense Support to Humanitarian Mine Action 9/28/2012 CH 1, 08/08/13 This instruction defines responsibilities and provides guidance for planning and executing Department of Defense (DoD) support for humanitarian mine action (HMA) operations.
CJCSI 5711.02C Delegation of Approval Authority 11/30/2012 This instruction establishes policy on delegating authority to provide the final determination of actions specified in this instruction in accordance with references a through d.
CJCSI 6740.01C Military Telecommunications Agreements and Arrangements Between the United States and Regional Defense Organizations or Friendly Foreign Nations 1/18/2013 6/17/2019 The instruction provides policy on negotiating and concluding international military telecommunications agreements and arrangements to sell or exchange telecommunications support or services to allow the transfer of data and voice traffic between the United States and regional defense organizations or friendly foreign nations. It also provides for delegation of authority for certain kinds of telecommunications agreements.
CJCSI 3320.02F Joint Spectrum Interference Resolution 3/8/2013 To provide policy, reporting guidance, and program description; identify the roles and responsibilities of DoD agencies; and provide security classification guidance for the Joint Spectrum Interference Resolution (JSIR) program.
CJCSI 5124.01  Charter of the Knowledge Management Cross-Functional Team 4/12/2013 To establish the Knowledge Management Cross-Functional Team (KM CFT) as described in reference a, and define its missions and functions. The KM CFT is a governing entity responsible for improving knowledge management across the Joint Staff (JS), as well as mentoring and promulgating knowledge management best practices across the Services, combatant commands, and combat support agencies.
CJCSI 2300.03D Realignment of Overseas Sites 6/26/2013 This instruction provides Joint Staff guidance for overseas site realignment, residual value (RV), and payment-in-kind (PIK) actions in order to: a. Implement reference a.,  b. Maintain overseas sites and infrastructure to support force structure in accordance with the National Military Strategy, and  c. Ensure an integrated, coherent overseas infrastructure.
CJCSI 2320.01D Guidance for the Impementation of the Vienna Document 2011 and Associated Documents 6/28/2013 Consistent with references a through e, this instruction provides updated guidance and military policy for the implementation of the Vienna Document 2011 (VDOC 11) (reference a) as agreed to by the Forum for Security Cooperation (FSC) of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) and subscribed to by the U.S. government (USG) in Vienna on 30 November 2011.
CJCSI 3110.08E Geospatial Information and Services Supplemental Instruction to Joint Strategic Capabilities Plan (JSCP) 7/17/2013 Provides geospatial information and services (GI&S) planning guidance, objectives, readiness capability assessment procedures, and amplification of tasks supporting the Joint Strategic Capabilities Plan (JSCP).
CJCSI 1340.01A Assignment of Officers (O-6 and Below) and Enlisted Personnel to the Joint Staff 9/16/2013 This instruction provides consolidated policy and procedures for the assignment of officers (0-6 and below) and enlisted personnel for duty on the Joint Staff in accordance with references a-e.
CJCSI 4410.01G Standardized Terminology for Aircraft Inventory Management 10/11/2013 This instruction provides joint policy and terminology on aircraft inventory management.
CJCSI 3265.01A Command and Control Governance and Management 10/21/2013 Purpose. This instruction applies only to Joint, non-nuclear, command and control (C2) and:  a. Establishes responsibilities for the Joint Staff (JS), Services, Combatant Commands (CCMDs), and other activities regarding C2.
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