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CJCSI 1801.01E National Defense University Policy 12/20/2019 This instruction disseminates the policies, procedures, objectives, and responsibilities of the National Defense University (NDU) and its components as prescribed in references a and b and related documents.
CJCSI 3267.01  National Military Command System Primary Command Center Command Assistance Visit Program 8/6/2018 This instruction establishes procedures for the preparation and conduct of Joint Staff Primary Command Center (PCC) Command Assistance Visits (CAVs) in accordance with reference a.
CJCSI 3510.01D No-Notice Interoperability Exercise Program 3/21/2008 This instruction establishes a CJCS-sponsored program of no-notice interoperability exercises (NIEXs) and provides procedures for their planning and execution.
CJCSI 3263.01E Nuclear Command and Control Command Assistance Visit (CAV) Program 12/20/2019 This instruction establishes procedures for the preparation and conduct of Joint Staff Command Assistance Visits (CAVs).
CJCSI 1800.01F Officer Professional Military Education Policy 5/15/2020 This Instruction provides policy guidance for the Professional Military Education (PME) of officers in the Armed Forces of the United States, with particular emphasis on Joint PME (JPME). It assigns responsibilities, establishes Joint Learning Areas (JLAs), and provides instructions regarding oversight and execution of Officer JPME.
CJCSI 3270.01C Personnel Recovery 6/30/2019 This instruction implements Department of Defense (DoD) personnel recovery (PR) policy responsibilities delineated in reference a.
CJCSI 6241.04D Policy and Procedures for Management and Use of United States Message Text Formatting 1/12/2021 This instruction implements policy and procedures for management and use of United States Message Text Format (USMTF)/Extensible Markup Language-USMTF (XML-MTF) in Department of Defense (DoD) Information Technology (IT) systems, interfaces, and applications via the DoD Information Network (DoDIN).
CJCSI 5701.01C Policy for the Development of CJCS, Joint Staff, and J-Directorate Directives 10/1/2011 Consistent with reference a, this instruction sets forth policy and responsibilities for development and maintenance of CJCS, Joint Staff, and J-directorate instructions, manuals, notices, and guides.
CJCSI 5714.01D Policy for the Release of Joint Information 4/18/2012 In accordance with references a through jj, this instruction establishes policy and assigns responsibilities for the release of papers, books, maps, photographs, machine-readable materials, and any other materials or information, regardless of physical form or characteristics, originated by the Joint Staff and joint military activities (herein referred to individually and collectively as "joint information").
CJCSI 5711.01C Policy on Action Processing 9/10/2010 06/06/13 This instruction establishes policy governing the development, staffing and approval of actions prepared by the Joint Staff.
CJCSI 3900.01D Position (Point And Area) Reference Procedures 5/14/2015 This instruction establishes policy in the use of verbal, written, storage of, and/or display of position reference procedures for unilateral and joint operations of the U.S. Armed Forces and for multinational operations with the military forces of allied nations.
CJCSI 4520.01F Procedures for Requesting Non-US NATO Airlift 4/1/2014 This instruction establishes procedures for requesting non-U.S. NATO airlift and identifies who is responsible for submitting airlift requests to NATO.
CJCSI 2010.01H Procedures Related to the Conduct of Military Affairs of the Military Committee, NATO 3/13/2015 This instruction establishes procedures to determine and communicate the U.S. Joint Staff position on military matters being considered by NATO’s Military Committee.
CJCSI 2015.01  Procedures to Make Forces Available to the United Nations Command 4/1/2019 This instruction prescribes the process and procedures for United Nations Member States to make forces available to the United Nations Command (UNC) as Sending States. This instruction does not alter requirements and responsibilities for the assignment of forces.
CJCSI 2800.01D Processing Atomic Information Received From, or Proposed for Transmission to, Another Nation or International Organization 4/22/2014 This instruction establishes standard administrative policy forprocessing RESTRICTED DATA and FORMERLY RESTRICTED DATA, hereinafter referred to as atomic information, which is received from, or proposed for transmission to, another nation or international organization.
CJCSI 3290.01D Program for Detainee Operations 6/1/2012 CH 1, 02/17/15 To designate a Joint Staff point of contact for matters pertaining to the implementation of the Department of Defense (DoD) Detainee Program, and to assign responsibilities to Joint Staff offices and directorates to ensure appropriate oversight of combatant command detainee operations policies and procedures, including ensuring operational exercises routinely test the capabilities of DoD components to conduct, participate in, and support detainee operations.
CJCSI 2700.01G Rationalization, Standardization, and Interoperability (RSI) Activities 2/11/2019 This instruction establishes policy, procedures, and responsibilities for conducting RSI activities with allies and other multinational partners.
CJCSI 2300.03D Realignment of Overseas Sites 6/26/2013 This instruction provides Joint Staff guidance for overseas site realignment, residual value (RV), and payment-in-kind (PIK) actions in order to: a. Implement reference a.,  b. Maintain overseas sites and infrastructure to support force structure in accordance with the National Military Strategy, and  c. Ensure an integrated, coherent overseas infrastructure.
CJCSI 5760.01A Records Management Policy for the Joint Staff and Combatant Commands 4/30/2007 07/18/12 In accordance with references a through h, this instruction provides policy and guidance for the Joint Staff and the combatant commanders in the conduct of records management.
CJCSI 4320.01E Requirement Authorization Documents for Joint Organizations, Joint Task Forces, Standing Joint Force Headquarters and Other Joint Organizations 8/21/2014 This instruction provides policy and planning guidance for the documentation necessary for developing requirement authorization documents in support of joint organizations to include special operations organizations under operational control of Combatant Commands and Standing Joint Force Headquarters.
CJCSI 6290.01  Requirements Management Process for Mission Partner Environment 9/17/2019 This instruction establishes a process for managing CCMDs, Services,
CJCSI 6240.01E Responsibilities for the Joint Tactical Operations Interface Training Program 8/13/2012 This instruction sets policy and outlines Combatant Command, Service, and Defense Agency (C/S/A) responsibilities with regard to the Joint Tactical Operations (JTO) Interface Training Program.
CJCSI 1350.01A Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff: Roles, Responsibilities, and Authorities 3/16/2020 This manual outlines the roles and responsibilities of the Senior Enlisted Advisor to the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (CJCS).
CJCSI 5705.01F Standardization of Military and Associated Terminology 9/15/2017 To establish policy for the standardization of Department of Defense (DOD) terminology.
CJCSI 4410.01G Standardized Terminology for Aircraft Inventory Management 10/11/2013 This instruction provides joint policy and terminology on aircraft inventory management.
CJCSI 3070.01  Strategic Religious Affairs 10/30/2020 This instruction provides Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (CJCS) guidance to all Department of Defense (DoD) Components to implement religious affairs (RA) as an essential Joint Force enabler and staff function.
CJCSI 6610.01F Tactical Data Link Standardization and Interoperability 1/8/2021 In accordance with (IAW) references a through s, this instruction establishes policy to achieve and maintain interoperability among those Department of Defense (DoD) information technology (IT) and national security systems (NSS) that implement tactical data links (TDL).
CJCSI 3505.01D Target Coordinate Mensuration Certification and Program Accreditation 1/15/2019 This instruction establishes policy for target coordinate mensuration (TCM) certification for individuals and program accreditation for the Department of Defense (DoD), Services, Combatant Commands (CCMDs), CCMD subordinate forces headquarters (HQ), combat support agencies (CSAs), and coalition partners.
CJCSI 5721.01E The Defense Message System and Associated Legacy Message Processing Systems 8/13/2010 04/02/13 This instruction provides policy, guidance, responsibilities, and information regarding the use, operation, and management of the Defense Message System (DMS).
CJCSI 1035.01B The Joint Staff Telework Program 2/12/2021 This instruction provides the Joint Staff with a framework Joint Staff managers can use to develop and implement a telework program that meets the needs of their specific workforce and mission.
CJCSI 3520.02C U.S. Military Support to the Proliferation Security Initiative 5/24/2019 This instruction sets forth policy and provides procedures for the planning and execution of U.S. military support to the Proliferation Security Initiative (PSI), as directed by the Secretary of Defense (reference a).
CJCSI 3152.01  Unclassified Shared Situational Awareness Reporting Requirements 9/23/2020 This instruction establishes reporting policies, responsibilities, and other activities required to maintain a robust Unclassified Shared Situational Awareness Sharing Environment (USSASE) that enables Combatant Commands (CCMDs), Services, Agencies (C/S/As), and the Joint Staff to develop an Unclassified Common Operational Picture (UCOP) and supports Unclassified Shared Situational Awareness (USSA) in accordance with references a through m.
CJCSI 3500.02B Universal Joint Task List (UJTL) Program 1/15/2014 To establish CJCS policy, guidance and responsibilities for the Universal Joint Task List (UJTL) Program.
CJCSI 2610.01D US Involvement in Inter-Service Disputes Within the Armed Forces of Other Countries 5/16/2014 This instruction establishes policy governing involvement of U.S. Service members in inter-Service disputes within the armed forces of other countries.
CJCSI 4330.01B Use of NATO Logistical Planning Factors by US Forces 4/30/2010 04/18/14 To establish policy guidance for the United States' use of NATO stockpile planning factors.
CJCSI 2211.01D Visits by Students or Staff Members of Foreign National or International Defense Colleges 8/17/2012 This instruction establishes CJCS policy on visits to military installations and other areas of interest in the United States by students or staff members of foreign national or international defense colleges.
CJCSI 8410.02  Warfighting Mission Area (WMA) Principal Accrediting Authority (PAA) and WMA Authorizing Officials: Policy and Responsibilities 2/8/2012 11/19/14 This instruction establishes policy and responsibilities for the Warfighting Mission Area (WMA) Principal Accrediting Authority (PAA), Joint Staff J-8 Deputy Director for Command, Control, Communications, and Computer Systems (DDC4), and WMA Authorizing Officials in accordance with DOD Instruction (DODI) 8510.01, “DOD Information Assurance Certification and Accreditation Process (DIACAP)” (reference a).
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