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Joint Doctrine Notes
A joint doctrine note (JDN) is a pre-doctrinal publication that presents common fundamental guidance and is part of the initiation stage of the joint doctrine development process. Although there is some agreement over contributions, this JDN does not necessarily describe a position of consensus across joint forces. Once extant and validated best practices and procedures are common across the operating forces, appropriate principles and guidance are incorporated into existing joint doctrine hierarchy or, if required, a new joint publication.

The guidance in joint doctrine notes is not authoritative.

JDN 3-16, Joint Electromagnetic Spectrum Operations, 20 October 2016
JDN 2-16, Identity Activities, 03 August 2016
JDN 1-16, Command Red Team, 16 May 2016
JDN 1-15, Operation Assessment, 15 January 2015
JDN 1-13, Security Force Assistance, 29 April 2013
JDN 2-13, Commander's Communication Synchronization, 18 December 2013