Joint Doctrine Hierarchy Chart
The current status of Joint Publications presented in a hierarchial format. Available for download in .PDF or .PPTX format.

PDF Hierarchy Chart, 434K
(PDF version now with links - some publications are only available through JEL+ and require a CAC.)

High Resolution Color Hierarchy Chart (.pptx format, 904K)

The current Joint Doctrine Hierarchy Chart is posted as of  21 February 2019
Changes include:

  • JDN 2-18 changed to JDN 1-19.
  • JP 3-02, JP 3-16, JP 3-17, JP 3-07.4, JP 4-0, and JP 4-04 are now in maintenance.
  • JDN 2-19, "Human Aspects of Driven Activities," is in development.
  • JP 3-XX changed to X-XX.
  • JP 4-06 has been removed.