Universal Joint Task List

The Universal Joint Task List (UJTL) is a menu of tasks in a common language, which serves as the foundation for joint operations planning across the range of military and interagency operations. The UJTL supports DOD to conduct joint force development, readiness reporting, experimentation, joint training and education, and lessons learned. It is the basic language in developing joint mission essential task lists (JMETL) and agency mission essential task lists (AMETL).

PDF Version of Approved Universal Joint Task List (UJTL) Database (as of 16 September 2021)

The above pdf link is updated monthly. The UJTL Task Development Tool (UTDT) is the authoritative and real-time UJTL database and is located on NIPRNet at https://utdt.js.mil Anonymous log-in is permitted.

A copy of the UTDT UJTL database is updated quarterly on the JEL+"Universal Joint Task List" link. The JEL+ UJTL portal "UJTL Resources" page also contains education, training, references, Service Task Lists, and other UJTL-related information.

JKO course number J7O P-UJTL101 titled "Universal Joint Task List (UJTL) Organizational Point of Contact (OPOC) Training" - (1 hr.) is available at https://jkodirect.jten.mil