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The Anbar Awakening: A complex story told from different perspectives

The Anbar Awakening: A complex story told from different perspectives. An Educational / Training Resource Guide

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The Anbar Awakening project is an unclassified, accessible source for trainers and educators at all levels. It is presented in multimedia to accommodate different teaching and learning styles. The project presents the Anbar Awakening movement's phases from the development of the insurgency in 2003 to the Coalition's transfer of responsibility for Al Anbar to the Iraqis in 2008. In addition, it offers analysis and lessons, many of which are transferrable to current and future conflicts.

The power of this Training and Education Resource, both Teacher's Guide and DVD, is not in its analysis and conclusions, but its collection. The breadth of the material allows students and historians and others to explore different themes, and perhaps develop different and even counter-conclusions to what appears here.

The Awakening project comprises five volumes of supporting documents and an interactive DVD with a Teacher's Guide. The five volumes that document the projects findings tell the story of the Anbar Awakening. The DVD provides that information in multimedia and interactively.


For more information contact Dr. Bill Knarr, the Anbar Awakening Project Task leader, at