Insights and Best Practices
Insights and Best Practices

The Deployable Training Division (DTD) of the Joint Staff J7 helps inform both the joint warfighters and key functions within the J7, notably lessons learned, doctrine, education, and future joint force development. The DTD gains insights on operational matters through regular contact and dialogue with combatant and joint task force commanders and their staffs as they plan, prepare for, and conduct operations. The DTD observer/trainers collect and compare practices among the different headquarters, draw out and refine "insights" and "best practices," publish them, and share them across the operational, training, lessons learned, doctrine, and joint development communities.

Executive Overview:

Joint Operations

Focus Papers:

Commander's Critical Information Requirements (CCIRs)

Chief of Staff (COS) Roles and Functions at Joint Headquarters

The Joint Command Senior Enlisted Leader

JTF C2 and Organization

Mission Command


Terms of Reference

Decision Making for Globally Integrated Operations in Crisis: Insights and Considerations (FOUO) Available through JEL+

Integration and Synchronization of Joint Fires

Knowledge and Information Management

Interorganizational Cooperation


Geographic Combatant Command Organization Options

Forming a JTF HQ

Joint Headquarters Organization, Staff Integration, and Battle Rhythm

Design and Planning

Assessment and Risk

Intelligence Operations

Communication Strategy and Synchronization

Computer Assisted Training:

Joint Command Senior Enlisted Leader Course