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Frequently Asked Questions

This FAQ covers Joint Publications, Joint Doctrine Notes, CJCS Directives, and UJTL.

Joint Publications

Q: How can I order hard copies of Joint Publications?
A: The Joint Staff does not publish hard copies of Joint Publications. However, local reproduction is authorized and .pdf versions of the Joint Publications are designed to standard 8 ½ x 11 page specifications and can be printed out on any printer. Joint Publications are also available for download in .epub format, for viewing on eReaders and mobile devices.

Q: I have a suggested change or a comment on a Joint Publication. How should I submit it?
A: You should contact your Service or Command Joint Doctrine POC.

Q: Where can I access Draft Joint Publications?
A: Draft Joint Publications are posted on the JDEIS portal, accessible at A CAC is required. Draft Joint Publications do not represent official joint doctrine and cannot be used as an authoritative source.

Q: Why are some Joint Publications not available on the Joint Electronic Library?
A: The Joint Electronic Library is a public-facing website. Not all Joint Publications are available for public release.

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff (CJCS) Directives

Q: I am looking for a particular CJCSI/CJCSM/CJCSN and it is not listed on the Directives website.
A: JEL and JDEIS provide links to the CJCS Directives Library, however the content is managed by the Joint Staff's Information Management Division (IMD). Inquiries regarding CJCS Directives should be directed to IMD's Records, Research and Content Branch who can be reached (703) 697-6906/7595, DSN 227-6906/7595.

Universal Joint Task List (UJTL)

Q: Is the UJTL available in a different format?
A: The UJTL is available in three formats on JDEIS: Searchable database, downloadable MS Access file, and downloadable .pdf.

Joint Doctrine Notes

Q: How are joint doctrine notes different from joint publications?
A: A joint doctrine note is defined as a non-authoritative compilation of emerging best practices to provide a short-term, bridging solution to address a potential doctrine void.


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