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Military Education Coordination Council (MECC)
Military Education Coordination Council (MECC)

The MECC serves as an advisory body to the Director, Joint Force Development on joint education issues, and consists of the MECC principals and a supporting MECC WG. The purpose of the MECC is to address key educational issues of interest to the joint education community, promote cooperation and collaboration among the MECC member institutions, and coordinate joint education initiatives.

The MECC principals are: DJ-7; the presidents, commandants, and directors of the joint and Service universities and colleges; and the heads of any other JPME-accredited institutions. The MECC Chairman may invite representatives from other commands and organizations as appropriate.

 MECC 2018



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"Perspectives on the Case Method"  (Duration: 7:57) 

"Inside the Case Method: the Entrepreneurial Manager" (Duration: 15:55) 


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