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Joint Training Synchronization Conference 2017, Suffolk, VA
The Joint Training Synchronization Conference 2017 (JTSC 17) was held at the Joint Staff Suffolk Complex located at 116 Lake View Parkway, Suffolk, Virginia, from 21-24 August 2017

Conference Objectives:

  • Gain concurrence on a plan for Globally Integrated Exercises for FY 2019 and 2020
  • Gain concurrence on program of work for JS J-7 support to CCMD exercises
  • Validate force requirements for CCMD exercises for 2018/2019. Assuming USCC elevation, address USCC support to exercises while continuing to train assigned forces
  • Gain support of Joint Assessment and Enabling Capabilities (JAEC) activities and assessments
  • Conduct deconfliction of exercise tanker requirements and other high demand, low density enablers

Start Date: 21 August 2017      End Date: 24 August 2017
Working Groups on 22-23 August 2017
Plenary on 24 August 2017
The military uniform for JTSC 17 was battledress/camouflage uniform/flight suits (aviators). Civilian attire was long sleeved collared shirt with slacks.

Conference registration website is closed.