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JPME Papers
In order to leverage the intellectual capital of JPME institutions, the award-winning papers for AY 2015-2016 are provided as a potentially valuable source of joint lessons learned and military academic research results.

U.S. Army War College

Understanding Syria through the Islamic State's Eyes: Implications for America
By Lt Col Benjamin Jonsson, USAF

Did the U.S. Lose China Again?
By COL David Menser, USA

Using the Rule of Law to Combat the Islamic State
By LTC (P) Stephen Schemenauer, USA

Air War College

The Stakes are High: Ethics Education at US War Colleges
By LTC Beth Behn, USA

Military Personnel as Innovators: An Unrealistic Expectation?
By Lt Col Michelle Ewy, USAF

Civil Order and Governance as a Military Responsibility
By LtCol David Mueller, USMC

The Disorderly, Undisciplined State of the "Good Order and Discipline" Term
By Col Jeremy Weber, USAF

Blue Horizons Program (Air University)

Blockchains in National Defense: Trustworthy Systems in a Trustless World
By Maj Neil Barnas, USAF

Open Sources for the Information Age or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Unclassified Data
By Maj James Davitch, USAF

Beyond the Third Offset: Redefining Total War: The Inevitable Use of Non-Lethal Biological Weapons
By Maj Michael Povilus, USAF

Air Command and Staff College

Intercultural Perceptions
By Maj Sarah Kaiser, USAF

Revolutionizing Mental Health Care Delivery in the United States Air Force by Shifting the Access Point to Primary Care

Airpower's Missing Ingredient: Critical Reflection and its Impact on Airpower Theory

Masters of Analytical Tradecraft: Certifying the Standards and Analytic Rigor of Intelligence Products
By Lt Col J. Tucker Rojas, USAF

The Once and Future Air Support Operations Center: A Critical Reflection on Developments in Air-to-Ground Command and Control
By Capt Seth Spidahl, USAF

School of Advanced Air and Space Studies

Downloading Deterrence: The Logic and Logistics of Coercive Deployment on U.S. Strategy
By Maj Steven Byrum, USAF

Creating a New Military Service: Historical Precedents
By Lt Col Matthew Hyland, USAF

Tough Tommy's Space Force: General Thomas S. Power and the Air Force Space Program
By Maj Brent Ziarnick, USAFR

U.S. Naval War College

Joint Professional Military Sedition: Operational Planning and the Link between Strategy and Civilian Leadership
By LCDR William Corley, USN

Decision Points: A Case Study of Naval Expeditionary Task Force 58
By LtCol Damian Spooner, USMC

The Bering Strait - Strategic Choke Point
By LCDR Tod O’Connell, USN

Eisenhower School - National Defense University

Innovation Lost: The Tragedy of UCLASS
By Dr. Monte Turner, USAF; Lt Col Douglas Wickert, PhD, USAF

Whose Truth Is It: Gender Inclusion in Post-Conflict Reconciliation
By Ms. Jill Larsen, DOS

Joint Advanced Warfighting School - Joint Forces Staff College

The Joint Master Operational Planner
By LTC Daniel Hibner, USA

Paradox & Polarity: Tools for Managing Complexity
By Mr. Tod Roy, DIA

Break the Kill Chain, Not the Budget: How to Avoid U.S. Strategic Retrenchment
By Lt Col Bryce Silver, USAF

Joint and Combined Warfighting School - Joint Forces Staff College

Patterns of Convergence: Toward Building Better Interoperability
By COL Jeffrey Settle, USA; Lt Col Heather Cook, USAF; LtCol Wayne Zuber, USMC

Prospects for a U.S.-Russian Partnership in Syria
By Col Adam Kavlick, USAF; Col Stanley Jones, USAF; Lt Col Jason Ward, USAF; LTC John Bauer, USA