Joint Targeting School
Mission: To provide doctrinally-based joint targeting education and training in order to prepare Service, Interagency, and Allied personnel for operational-level targeting duties.

Location: The JTS is a Joint Functional School that falls within the Joint Education and Doctrine Directorate of the J7, Joint Force Development of the Joint Staff. Its physical location is at the Center for Information Dominance-Hampton Roads, Layton Hall (Bldg 420), Naval Air Station Oceana-Dam Neck Annex.
Courses: JTS teaches four courses, in-residence and as a mobile training team (MTT).

  1. Joint Targeting Staff Course (3 weeks)
  2. Joint Targeting Applications Course (1 week)
  3. Joint Battle Damage Assessment (BDA) Course (1 week)
  4. Collateral Damage Estimation (CDE) Course (1 week)
Joint Targeting School Smart Sheet
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JTS In-residence Quota Request Process

Course Information
FY19 JTS Course Calendar
Joint Intermediate Target Development (JITD) Course
Joint Targeting Staff Course Syllabus
Collateral Damage Estimation Course
Battle Assessment Course
Targeting Applications Course
Targeting For Partners Course Syllabus


JP 3-60, Joint Targeting DOCNET Course (CAC required.)

Student Information and References
JTS Welcome Packet
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Course Requests
In-Residence - Quota Request Procedures
Mobile Training Team - MTT Request form for Organizations

Reference Material List
CJCSI 3160.01A, No Strike Collateral Damage Method Limited (.mil/.gov only)
CJCSI 3370.01A, Target Development Standards Limited (.mil/.gov only)
CJSCI 3505.01B, Target Coordinate Mensuration Certification and Program Accreditation 
CJCSM 3162.01 Joint Methodology for Battle Damage Assessment Limited (.mil/.gov only)
JP 3-60, Joint Targeting (CAC Required)
Joint Targeting Student Handbook

UNCLASSIFIED Joint Targeting Staff Courses
JTS S001: Joint Targeting Processes and Definitions
JTS S002: Law of War (LOW)
JTS S003: Joint Planning
JTS S004: End State and Commander’s Objectives
JTS S005: Combatant Command/Joint Task Force (JTF) Architecture
JTS S006: Intelligence Support
JTS S007: Introduction to Target Development
JTS S008: Target System Analysis
JTS S009: Target Development
JTS S010: Organizational Support to Targeting
JTS S011: Target List Management
JTS S012: Weaponeering Familiarization
JTS S013: Air-to-Surface Weapons and Fuzes
JTS S014: Air Component Fires Assets
JTS S015: Surface-to-Surface Fires
JTS S016: Information Operations (IO)
JTS S017: Joint Targeting in the Cyberspace Domain
JTS S018: Collateral Damage Estimation Methodology (CDM) Overview
JTS S019: Commander’s Decision and Force Assignment
JTS S020: F2T2EA (Find, Fix, Track, Target, Engage, Assess)
JTS S021: Air Tasking Cycle (ATC)
JTS S022: Land and Maritime Component Targeting Process Decide, Detect, Deliver, and Assess (D3A)
JTS S023: Targeting Assessment

Contact numbers: For school quotas and MTT requests call DSN 492-0277 or Comm (757) 492-0277.
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